Yard Sale Results

I have to admit, it was a long, tough weekend. I took Thursday and Friday off from work, making for a nice 4 day weekend. As usual, I planned on doing way too much, and ended up a bit disappointed. Luckily it wasn’t a total loss though.

The plan was to have a really big yard sale on Saturday. The sale did end up happening, although not exactly as planned. As it turns out, I had way more stuff than I anticipated. And lots and lots of big, heavy stuff: A front load washer and dryer, one of those large weight machines, an old table saw…

I should have started working on gathering and marking stuff weeks in advance. I should have advertised better, especially the big-ticket items. I should have asked for help. I didn’t. As a result, I sold less than I should have, found myself completely worn out before I even had all of the stuff set out, and managed to hurt myself trying to move things that were way too big for one person to move.

My area is pretty good for yard sales. I never had a huge influx of people, but for the most part there was a steady stream throughout the day. The only problem with my location? People weren’t even looking at items over $2 (with the exception of the washer and dryer). People were mainly looking for cheap housewares and clothing. Had I advertised my big-ticket items, I would have had a much better chance of bringing in buyers looking for more expensive items. It wasn’t a total loss though. In the end, my sale brought in about $350. A big chunk of that was from the washer and dryer ($150). But still, that’s $200 worth of stuff sold $.50-1.00 at a time! That’s a lot of stuff!

Oddly, music and movies, and to some extent books, were all good sellers for me. I had a good number of newer DVDs, along with several “collections” of books by specific new authors. I finally decided to let go of the classics I’d had since High School; Those books all sold fairly well. And apparently middle-aged men are equipped with sonar that help them locate cassette tapes. I had a ridiculous number of men pull up in front of my house, go directly to the music table, flip through, grab some tapes, pay and go. None of them even glanced at anything else. It was weird!

All in all, it turned out to be a fair day. I got to see some interesting people. I made a nice little chunk of money, while getting rid of a good amount of stuff. Both of my sisters stopped by for an hour or so to visit me (and see if I was selling anything good). So, are you going to plan another sale, to get rid of the rest of the stuff? the BF asked.

Oh Hell No!

It was hot. And tiring. I got mildly sunburned. By the end of the day I was so sore I could hardly move, and I still had to clear out the yard. I somehow injured my foot. Some lady got pissed that I wouldn’t hold the washer and dryer for her to come back and purchase later in the day, and threw stuff at me. I had a long weekend from work, and came back more exhausted than when I left!

Alright, it wasn’t perfect. I’m sure someday I’ll have another yard sale. You know, several years down the road, when I’ve forgotten how much I hate doing them. Maybe hate is a strong word. Dislike? I did manage to accomplish my main objectives: Make some money, get rid of some stuff. So overall, the day was a win.

I plan to take the remaining books and movies and sell them to Half Priced Books. That’ll probably be another ten cents or so added to my earnings. I have one or two things that I can take to a game resell shop. The rest of the little stuff will probably find its way to Good Will. I’m not sure about some of the bigger stuff. I’d say list it on Craigslist, but I once had a really bad experience selling a bedroom set on there, so I’m not very trusting with that anymore. We’ll see.

Have you had good/bad experiences with yard sales?

– Cindy W.


  1. Sounds like your yard sale was a hit! I’m glad you were able to get the washer and dryer taken care of a still have some extra cash flow! Wow, that’s a lot of selling, you must have been busy! I’ve never done a yard sale and, really haven’t been to one since I’ve been an adult but, it’s something my dad used to love to do! We would go yard sale hopping when I was a kid and we found some really great stuff at really low prices! Thanks for the great morning read!

    1. It was a lot of work, but now that it’s done I think it was worth it. It’ll probably be a while before I’m up to doing it again though! You can get some great, and unique, stuff at yard sales!

  2. We had one pretty big yard sale earlier this year and I hope that I don’t have to have another one for a really long time. I made plenty of money but it was a lot of work!

    1. It is a ton of work! I’m hoping not to have one again for a really long time as well. Although, I’m a little worried that I might end up moving, in which case having another sale may be a necessity. We’ll see!

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