Where Do We Go Now?

Since I sold my house, there’s one question that keeps coming to mind: What now?

Over the past couple of years, it seems like Bryan and I have talked over hundreds of different options. Maybe we’ll move somewhere warm, like Florida, or Arizona, or New Mexico. Maybe we’ll save up and buy a little house on a big piece of land, and have a big garden, with chickens, and mini goats, and yaks (Bryan says no to the chickens, and mini goats, and is completely confused on why I want a yak. Who wouldn’t want a yak?!? They look like a cross between a buffalo and a muppet! ). Maybe we’ll get a little place on a lake, where he can spend his retirement fishing, and I can work on my tan (Note: I really don’t tan. Pretty much at all). Maybe we’ll become snowbirds, and do some combination of those things.

But for now? We’re staying right where we are. Honestly, we might end up staying here forever. We rent the two-story unit of a triplex. Bryan is good buddies with the owner. We’re in the city, but on a huge plot of land. Across the street from a state park. Within walking distance of a great Mexican restaurant, along with a variety of other small shops and restaurants. We have a great little patio out back, with plenty of room for a big vegetable garden every year, and bonfires and fish fries with friends. The neighbor in the one bedroom unit is a good friend, and joins us on the patio from time to time for drinks or dinner. And the third neighbor? She’s a nice older woman, who leaves for months at a time. The rent is cheap, the location is perfect, and it suites our needs. We’ve even talked to the owner about buying the place some day.

Slowly but surely, Bryan and I are changing our financial picture. We’re paying off debt. We’re decreasing our expenses. We’re making better choices with the money we bring in, and looking for ways to increase our cash flow. The better our finances become, the more opportunities we have. When your expenses are low, you have more freedom in life. Freedom to live wherever you choose. Freedom to work how and as much as you want. Until we have a better picture of what our future looks like, it would be silly to tie ourselves to another home. I proved with my last home purchase that you can lose just as much owning a home over the short-term as you can renting. Real Estate is not always the winning investment people think it will be.

We don’t know exactly what the future holds. But we certainly aren’t short on possibilities!

– Cindy W.


  1. I think that’s the key…changing your financial picture. We don’t know what our future holds either. We could sell everything and move to another country or state or we could be here forever. But we want to have the choice, which is amazing in itself….we get to choose…

    1. Isn’t it funny the extremes we consider? Our’s tends to be “sell everything and move far away” or “stay exactly where we are” as well. But there is something incredibly exciting about being able to dream, and knowing that those dreams are all a possibility!

  2. I am glad you are feeling free of the anchor of a poor investment. Even though I love real estate, it was so freeing to be rid of our first condo. It was a good enough purchase when my husband was single, but it was nothing but a drag after we got married (and especially when we tried to turn it into a rental).

    1. Thanks Hannah! I definitely had a love/hate relationship with that house. I knew when I bought it in 2007 that it wouldn’t be my forever home, but bought into the notion that house values would always rise, so I had nothing to lose! Que the housing bubble. Even before Bryan and I got together, the house already felt like it was tethering me to a life I no longer lived. Of course, had it not being for the house keeping me here, I never would have met Bryan, so it definitely worked out for the best! But it’s definitely changed the way I think about buying a home in the future.

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