Week 3: 21 Day Fix

We finished The 21 Day Fix!

Okay, the reality is, we’re nowhere near done with this program. Despite Autumn Calabrese’s mantra throughout the videos of “You give me 21 days, I’ll give you the body you’ve always dreamed of!”, I still have a long ways to go until I’m even into a healthy weight range. I think week 3 is when that mantra really started to irritate me. Who are we kidding? Unless you’re fairly close to your dream body, 3 weeks is not enough time to get you there.

The last time I remember actually being at a healthy weight, with some actual muscle tone, was in September 2007. I think I weighed somewhere around 135 pounds then. I left a job in retail management at that time, and went from spending my days lugging boxes, climbing ladders, and hustling from one end of a building to the other countless times a day, to sitting at a desk. I wasn’t getting nearly as much exercise, yet I was still eating the same. The pounds came on slowly at first. Then I’d try losing, only to give up, and gain more back. Every time I gave up, I adopted worse eating habits. I think my highest weight was probably early 2015, when I weighed 193 pounds? Which means it took me 7 years to gain 60 pounds. I’m not going to lose that in 3 weeks!

How much did I lose in 3 weeks? 5 pounds, and 5.25 inches.

It isn’t the 15 pounds they say you can lose during the program, but it’s definitely in the 1-2 pounds a week I’m hoping to lose. We’re making lifetime adjustments, not rushing towards the quick loss. Which is why I didn’t do the “doubles” the last week, where you exercise twice a day. And I didn’t do the extreme diet the last 3 days. Sure, it would have boosted my results. But it probably would have knocked me off track for making lifetime changes. A few extra pounds just wasn’t worth it.

Round 1: The 21 Day Fix
Round 1: The 21 Day Fix

Monday morning we woke up early and did our workout. The same as the 3 Monday mornings before. My plan is to keep moving ahead with this plan. I’ve been pushing myself to do unmodified versions of as many workouts as I can, and increasing the weight on anything that I feel I can. Granted, I’m going from using 3 and 5 pound weights to adding in an 8 pound weight. But it’s still progress!

I think one of the most important things I’m learning is balance with my eating. I’m not excluding anything from my diet. But, at the same time, I can’t just eat a great big bowl of noodles. I can have a portion of noodles, but I still need to eat some protein and veggies. I can have the glass of wine, but then I can’t have the noodles. It’s making me pay attention to what, and how much, I’m eating. I don’t feel deprived, but I also realize I can’t have everything. In a way, by making choices, I’m happier. I’m not just drinking the wine because it’s there. I’m drinking it because I want it, enough to give up something else to have it. I’m not eating mediocre food, just because it’s there. If I’m going to eat a piece of cake, it better be damn good cake, for what it’s costing me in pasta/bread/potatoes!

My only issue with the program is the pressure it puts on you to lose weight quickly. I’m trying to tune that out, and remind myself of my goals. I put on 60 pounds over 7 years. That’s less than a pound a month! Granted, I didn’t gain it all evenly; There were Holidays and Vacations that definitely pushed things ahead more quickly. But remembering how long it took me to gain it makes it easier to be realistic, and healthy, about how I’m losing it. There’s no reason to rush!

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  1. I’m so glad to read this right now, because I’m considering trying the 21 Day Fix. My doc just told me to lose some weight, and I just cannot get motivated. I like the idea of portion control over something like Whole 30 – which caused some allergic reactions. I like that it’s a slow process. I don’t want to lose a whole lot quickly, either. And I love the focus on inches lost! Great progress.

    1. Thanks Amanda! Yeah, we did the Whole 30 last year. I like the idea of Paleo, but it’s really hard for me to stick with it long-term. And while Bryan tries to be supportive of whatever I’m doing, he hates having restrictions in what we cook.

      I think it would go more quickly if I was more rigid with the guidelines. But having a more “normal” diet works better for us. Having the patience for losing weight slowly is a lot more difficult than I expected as well. Especially since I have so much to lose. I keep having to remind myself not to give up. The seven or eight pounds I’ve lost isn’t much, but it’s better than where I started!

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