We Start Today: 21 Day Fix

Bryan and I start the 21 Day Fix today. Or, more accurately, I start the 21 Day Fix, and Bryan starts eating a little healthier, and working out. The alarm is set for 5:30 a.m. Ugh!

The program came in the mail last week. And I’ll be honest, my first reaction was less than excited. The containers look tiny. Especially since they come nested together:

21 Day Fix Food Containers, nested together. I used a can of Coke for size comparison.
21 Day Fix Food Containers, nested together. I used a can of Coke for size comparison.

Of course, I panicked. Omg, I’m going to starve! I’ll never be able to stick with this! I’ve wasted $78!

And then I calmed down, and separated the containers. Much better!

21 Day Fix Food Containers, with Shaker. Can of Coke for size comparison.
21 Day Fix Food Containers, with Shaker. Can of Coke for size comparison.

And it isn’t like I only get one of each container: My current weight puts me in the 1,500-1,799 calorie range, meaning I get 4 Vegetable (Green), 3 Fruit (Purple), 4 Protein (Red), 3 Carbohydrate (Yellow), 1 Healthy Fat (Blue) and 1 Dressing/Seed (Orange) container each day, and 4 teaspoons of Oils or Nut Butters. Eating this way will be so different for me, I’m not sure whether it will seem like a lot of food, or not very much. It should be interesting!

My philosophy going into this program is that I’m building lifetime habits: Portion control. A balanced diet of whole foods. Exercise. With that in mind, I’m trying not to get too crazy with it. I don’t plan on doing the 3 day plan to get “bikini ready” at the end of the program; The diet and exercise regiment for that are really strict. Sure, it increases your results. But it doesn’t do anything towards ensuring lifetime results. Besides, who’s wearing a bikini in February? This is the Midwest! I’d freeze!

Alright, for accountability, I need to admit where I’m starting:

Size: 16
Weight: 188.5 lbs

Bust: 39.5″
Waist: 36″
Hips: 49″
Left Arm: 13″
Right Arm: 13″
Left Thigh: 26.75″
Right Thigh: 27″
Left Calf: 16.25″
Right Calf: 16.5″

I was pretty careless with my diet last week, which made my starting point that much higher. The 21 Day Fix Advertises that you can lose up to 15 lbs in 21 days. But, like I said, I’m working on changing habits for a lifetime, so I don’t plan on going extreme with the program. I’m trying to keep in the mindset that losing 1-2 lbs a week is healthy. Of course, there can be a larger loss the first week of a program, due to losing water weight. With all that in mind, I’ll consider the program a success if I lose 3+ lbs, or if I notice a difference in how my clothes fit. Baby steps.

Since the program is 3 weeks, I might do an update each week. Assuming I feel the need to say anything about it. After 3 weeks, I intend to keep following the food guidelines and working out, but I probably won’t be commenting about it as much. We’ll see!

  • Cindy W.


  1. That sounds like a pretty healthy plan — appropriate amounts of actual food! And yes, 1-2 lbs a week is good. That’s a sustainable way to lose. Good luck with it and I hope you do post some updates (and maybe recipes, or descriptions of what you’re actually eating?)

    1. So far, it’s working out really well! I keep trying to remind myself (and Bryan) that this is a lifestyle change, not a short term race to lose as much as possible. I’m trying to work having a “normal life” into the plan. We’ll see how it works out!

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