Wasted Days

Last week did NOT go as planned. I took Thursday and Friday off last week in order to work on my house. It makes sense to take some time off right now. It’s really slow at work, so now is a good time to be out of the office, since no one will have to pick up any extra work while I’m out. I don’t have any big trips planned this year, nor do I want to put money into planning any right now. And this year I officially get 3 weeks of vacation time, instead of my usual 2 weeks. Plus 6 sick days. Plus 2.5 days that I didn’t use last year (company policy is that we can’t carry forward days, but an exception is made for my job and 1 other position, since our workload requires that we not take days off most of the last quarter of the calendar year). Plus I was given 2 “bonus days” to use whenever I wanted, since my boss didn’t feel the raises in our department were adequate this year. With 25.5 days to use this year I figured I should start using them while I could!

So how much work did I get done on my house? Zero. Zilch. Nada. I had great plans. And then Wednesday at work, I got the sniffles. And sneezes. And coughs. And overall just felt like crap. Yep, I’d caught the cold the boyfriend had been struggling to overcome for a week and a half. And by Wednesday night, I realized that my days off were not going to go as planned.

On the plus side, I didn’t have to feel bad about calling off at work, or toughing it out and risking getting everyone else sick. I always feel terrible when I call in sick. Even though I have the sick days, and me being out usually doesn’t affect anyone else. I guess it’s because in every other job I’ve had, calling in sick was a big No-No. You were expected to tough it out, no matter how sick you were, and no matter how likely you were to make everyone else sick. In my current job I have my own office, and don’t interact much with others, so it’s less likely I’d make anyone else sick.

So instead of cleaning, and clearing out, and painting, and hanging trim, I’ve been hanging out at the boyfriend’s place in a NyQuil haze. I’m not usually much of a drug person, but he’s been on top of making sure I take the recommended dose every 6 hours, even waking me up in the morning to drug me before he left for work. I know he wants me to feel better, but part of me also realizes that I’m a bit of a baby when I’m sick, and this way he doesn’t have to hear me whine. So I’ve spent days in a glassy-eyed daze, somewhere between asleep and awake, not really getting much of anything done.

I’m starting to feel better now. Monday morning I’ll be back at work, hopefully rested and ready to start the week fresh. In a few weeks I’ll probably look into taking some time off work again. Hopefully by then the weather will have cleared some, and I won’t have to fight through the snow as well!

– Cindy W.

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