The Snow is Coming!

Sometime in the middle of the night tonight, the snow is coming. How much snow? Somewhere between 6″ and 12″, depending on which news program you watch. Depending on where you’re from, that may not seem like a lot. It isn’t an unheard of amount in our area. Even still, a possible foot of snow is nothing to sneeze at.

Images taken from friends' Facebook pages.
Images of local grocery stores I took off  of several friends’ Facebook pages.

As usual, the grocery stores were hit hard as people prepared to possibly be home-bound for several days. Milk, bread, and apparently fresh fruits and veggies, were hard to come by tonight. The panic is not without reason; We’ve already had 3-4″ of snow this week. The snow isn’t yet cleared on many side streets. It’s been nice and cold, so only the snow that has been plowed is gone. The side streets are packed down and slick. And once the snow stops early Monday morning, the temperature is expected to drop to around -14 degrees, with high winds. Yay!

There’s always a chance the weather won’t turn out as expected. It wouldn’t be the first time we expected a blizzard and ended up with just a few inches. Of course, it could end up being worse than expected. You never can be sure about the weather. That seems especially true in my state. So, like everyone else, I’ve prepared for the worst. I’m staying at the boyfriend’s place for at least the next few days. His place is closer to where I work, so if the weather isn’t as bad as expected, I’ll have an easier time getting to work. We’ve already been told not to come in for the first part of the week if the weather is bad. Although, no one gets paid if I don’t process payroll, so I’ll need to make it in by Tuesday. I can probably stretch to Wednesday morning if we do get a blizzard, but that’s really pushing it. His place is on a busy street, which is more likely to get plowed. My street only gets plowed if there is a substantial amount of snow (I think it has to be more than 6″ in one storm, but I could be wrong on the amount; they’ve only plowed my street once or twice in the 7 years I’ve lived there). His triplex has a somewhat long and difficult driveway, but the guy who owns it also owns a company in the construction industry, with heavy equipment that they use to plow the driveway. I have to clear my long, unpaved driveway the old-fashioned way: By shovel. Okay, who am I kidding? I typically just drive my car up and down it to compact the snow, making easier to drive until it melts.

We’ve got an ample stock of fresh fruits and veggies, bottled water, bread and cheese (grilled cheese!) and macaroni (Mac & Cheese!), alcohol, dog food, candles. We’ve put fuel line antifreeze in our vehicles, so the gas won’t freeze up once the temperatures drop. I’ve got a stack of movies, for when the dish gets filled with snow (cause I’m not about to go outside and try to clear it off). Should the power go out there’s a chance we won’t have heat (the system is steam heat, which apparently has both gas and electrical components?). But the single unit in the triplex has a wood burning fireplace, and a good friend of my boyfriend lives there, so I should be fine. The boyfriend is out of town, but is planning to come back Monday night, weather permitting. So, it’s just me and the dog for possibly a few days!

I’m prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best. So long as I have heat, food, and booze, it might be fun to be snowed in for a few days. Priorities people, priorities. Hopefully everyone is prepared and stays safe over the next few days!

– Cindy W.


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