The (Job) Search Continues!

Am I the only one who feels like searching for a job is a never-ending process? It seems like I’ve been continually searching for a new job since the day I graduated from college! Not always actively looking, mind you. But at least keeping my eyes open for better opportunities.

Way back in February I wrote about the issue I’m having with my job. Long story short: My boyfriend and I work for the same company. My boss has a HUGE issue with our relationship. We aren’t breaking any company policies. We don’t work in the same department, and neither of us is over the other. I’ve even talked to the President of the company, who assures me it isn’t an issue. It’s the non-issue that is continually made into a big issue.

And yet, here I am, 5 months later, still working at the same job. Why?

I’ll be honest, part of the reason I’m still here is valid, but part of it is sheer laziness. I don’t want to jump from one job that makes me miserable into another miserable job. So, I’m taking my time, and really considering what I do and don’t want in my next position. There aren’t a ton of opportunities out there, but I’m still trying to be selective about what I apply for. And the reality is, as much as my boss may hate my relationship, she can’t force me out of my job because of it. I have a job with adequate pay, great benefits, and lots of flexibility. I want a new job, but I don’t need to settle for just anything. As long as I can keep my cool about the situation, I can wait until I find the right opportunity. And the lazy part of me doesn’t want to commit a lot of my free time to job searching this summer. I want to enjoy the sunshine!

So I’ve been looking, and networking, and interviewing. And then, a few weeks back, something unexpected happened: My boss started helping me look. Awkward! It all started when she found out that our parent company was planning to post a new position. She approached me with the news of the position, and then let me know that she felt I was ready to take the next step in my career. Of course, there aren’t any promotional opportunities within our small company. And our parent company (and its parent company) usually have their promotions planned out long before the position even becomes available. So she started using her network to find open positions with other companies, and forwarding those on to me.

Let’s face it, who you know (and the connections they have) can be just as important in job searching as what you know. Sometimes more so. Granted, the person I know happens to be the boss who wants me gone. But she openly admits that I’m a great employee. I’m good at what I do. She just isn’t comfortable with who I’m dating.

Even with the extra help, the job search is still going slow. There haven’t been a lot of opportunities, and I’ve been very selective about which ones I’ve applied for. I landed an interview two weeks ago for a position I was super excited about. I was told I was one of the top candidates after the interview. I didn’t get the job. Shortly after that, two positions were posted within our family of companies. I interviewed for one position, and it went very well. I lost the job to someone with a CPA. But sometimes when a door closes, a window opens; The hiring manager called to tell me they were very impressed with me, and looking for other opportunities within the company. He didn’t give me a lot of details, but I’m hopeful he’ll get back to me soon. The second position was filled through an internal promotion; I don’t think they even ended up doing any other interviews. But the person who they promoted held a very unique position in the company, and I’ve already been contacted for an interview for that position.

Job searching is never easy. There are a ton of setbacks and frustrations along the way. Right now, nothing has changed. But at the same time, things are looking hopeful. I’m hoping sometime in the future to have some good news on the job front. In the mean time, I’m keeping my eyes open and considering other possibilities. And enjoying some margaritas on the patio, of course!

– Cindy W.


  1. Oh man, I hear you on the “been searching for a job since college” front. I’ve been employed nearly all of that time, really — I think if you added up all the time I was completely out of work, it would amount to perhaps seven months out of 13 years. (It took me three months to find a job after graduating from college, and later on I freelanced for a couple of years and routinely had a month or so of downtime. On the other hand, even that summer after college I did have a little writing/editing work, come to think of it….) But almost always looking for the next thing. It kind of sucks; it’s made it difficult to plan for the future. I’m ready to be done with it!

    However, even though things sound uncomfortable with your boss, the number of interviews you’re getting says good things — you will probably find something sooner rather than later. And you should negotiate a higher salary when you do! 🙂

    1. I think my biggest problem is that I’m always looking for a “better job”, without really knowing what that means to me. When you hate your job, anything different seems better, at least for a little while. I’m trying to make better decisions this time around!

  2. I used to not understand the husband/wife issue and why so many employers don’t like it, but I recently came across a case of fraud in which a husband and wife team worked together (both at work and not at work) to take about $150k. Apparently they were able to pull it off because they worked in the same company but in different departments, and worked together during their off hours to put it all together

    1. I’ve worked at companies before that have policies against personal relationships, and I totally respect that. But we work at a small company where nearly everyone is related to someone else on staff, or at one of our parent companies. Husbands and wives, fathers and sons, brothers, in-laws. That’s actually the way the majority of the staff got their jobs. My boss actually met her current husband at her previous job.

      My boss was actually super excited when she figured out we were dating. The boyfriend is higher up in the company, well respected, with that old man “leave me alone” attitude that seems to make everyone want to know him better. She’s constantly asking me questions about his personal life that are completely inappropriate, even though I never tell her anything. I usually just play dumb; “We don’t really talk about that stuff” has become my go-to answer. I think she has a variety of issues, but they all basically boil down the gossip; She’s definitely the office gossip, and she feels like our relationship somehow impedes that.

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