The Chicken, or The Egg?

I’ll be honest, I’m tired! I’m beginning to think tired is the best description of adult life in general. It certainly isn’t what I imagined it would be like as a kid! This week is final’s week at school. On top of 3 finals in two days, I also still have assignments to complete. Our finals are a week early, due to the fact that the three courses I’m taking (Marketing, Operations, and Finance) have a combined group project, which culminate in a large presentation next week.

The last few weeks have been a blur of work, classes, and homework. On Friday night I attended an event put on by the Operations department on resumes and interviewing. Operations is not even close to my area of interest, but it was open to everyone, and they had some large companies sending in representatives to host. Networking is networking, no matter what department!

The whole idea of looking for a new job has really gotten me thinking: If I landed my dream job tomorrow, with a dream salary, would I finish the Masters Program? My initial thought? No. After all, I’m not getting an education for the sake of an education. I already have my Bachelors Degree. I’m going for my Masters so I can further myself in the world of Accounting. But if I was further, what would be the point?

Then reality hits, and I remind myself that the “perfect job” may turn out to be not so perfect 6 months down the road. After all, I am the type that tends to get bored once I’ve mastered something, and want to move on to new things. I need the education in order to be able to move on.

But the idea that I still have 2 more years of school left? Ugh! Part of me says that future semesters won’t be as bad as this semester, since I’m not planning to take as many classes as I did this semester at one time. But then another part of me remembers that future classes will be Masters level classes, and will likely take more of my time than classes have up to this point.

I dream of a day when my “free time” isn’t spent piled with books, typing away at the computer. Of a day when I don’t have to keep pushing off plans with my boyfriend for group meetings, or last minute assignments. I dream of a day when I have enough time to sleep, and actually dream.

Ah well! What’s two more years in the grand scheme of things?

– Ms. W

Is there something you’re giving up, or suffering through, temporarily to further your goal of financial freedom? How are you handling the process?

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