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Over the past couple of years, I’ve been working through all my regular expenses to see where I could cut costs. I cut the cable cord. I switched my phone plan to Republic Wireless. I created a budget that works for me. But one place where I’m still struggling? My internet connection.

Honestly, I’m not spending a fortune on internet, which is probably why I haven’t made any changes yet. I’m currently using a T-Mobile HotSpot for $28.19 per month. That’s with my student discount, which will go away next month. I don’t expect losing the discount to add much more than $5 per month to my plan.

The problem? My HotSpot is getting old. The battery is pretty much useless. It struggles to connect, and once it is connected, it disconnects at random. It’s become such a hassle, I only use it when I can’t find another option. Our neighbor at the boyfriend’s place is a good friend, and has given me his WiFi password with permission to use it whenever I want. He has internet through AT&T; The boyfriend thinks he pays $50-60 per month. Ouch!

I’ve thought about just pitching in for the bill and piggy-backing off his internet. But the signal only works in our living room; If I’m looking up recipes in the kitchen, or working/playing on the patio, I have to use my HotSpot. I don’t use a ton of data, but I am using more now that I only have WiFi data on my cell phone (I chose the $10 plan at Republic Wireless).

I don’t really know what my options are as far as internet goes. I know that the phone company and cable company both offer plans in our area, but those options are expensive. The boyfriend has Dish Network for TV (he tried cutting the cord a year ago, but isn’t a fan), so bundling isn’t an option. I could purchase a new HotSpot through T-Mobile, or look into a plan with another wireless provider. Since I don’t use much data, I could probably switch to a less expensive wireless plan. But are those the only options available?

Does anyone have any suggestions for shaving costs on internet access? Is there an option I’m not considering? Or is what I have as good as it gets?

– Cindy W.


  1. well, we signed up for our internet, and after the discount starting rate with comcast ended, we called them up and pretty much said, “keep giving us the promo rate or we’re switching to Verizon.” We’ve had the $40 promo rate for years now.

    1. It’s awesome that they kept you at the promo rate! Every few months the boyfriend’s Dish bill climbs up about $30, and he has to call them to figure out why and get the old pricing back. Just seems like such a hassle to me!

  2. We have AT&T for $39.99 per month and they threw in 12 months of free cable TV for that price. I think it was a new customer special. Just don’t sign up for Comcast if it is in your area. Not worth it!

    1. That’s a pretty awesome deal!

      I’m not sure if we’re Comcast or Brighthouse at the boyfriend’s place. Either way, it doesn’t seem worth it!

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