Spending – September 2015

The month of September is officially gone! I’ll be honest, spending was a little higher this month that I would have liked. But then, there was a wedding. And a few other big spending items, both expected and otherwise:

Where the money went - September 2015
Where the money went – September 2015

Reminder: Since Bryan and I keep separate finances, this does not include any of his spending!

My first reaction when I ran the numbers was complete confusion: How did I spend more than I made?!? AGAIN!!! I spent $2,726 in the month of September. I earned $2,569. That means I spent $157 more than I earned. How is that possible? Then I realized that some of my spending had been planned and saved for in advance. Looking at my September net worth chart, I saw that my “Liquid Assets” had decreased by $224. Which then made me realize I have $67 worth of spending that is unaccounted for this month.

Admittedly, my tracking system is imperfect. And, with lots of people in town for my sister’s wedding, and several family events going on, there was a lot of cash changing hands. I’d put something on my card, and someone would give me cash. Then I’d pay for something else with cash. And, of course, there was alcohol involved. Where did the cash come from, and where did it go? I have no idea!

Back to the spending!

Bryan’s feeling a little better about his financial position, so I’m back to paying only half of our rent. I’ve shifted the “saved” $350 into a holding account for Holiday Spending. I’m working towards $700 this year. Somehow, I’ve managed to put $600 into it already! Once that account is full, that extra money will get funneled into the car loan. Our grocery spending was also the lowest it’s been since I’ve started tracking! I did have some restaurant spending this month, but it was all related to my sister’s wedding, so I tucked it into “Wedding Related Expenses”. Is that cheating? I don’t know. Maybe? But, those meals were saved for as part of the wedding, so that’s how I’m categorizing them!

As life tends to go, Bryan met me at the “non-rehearsal dinner” the night before the wedding and greeted me with the unexpected “Your dog has worms.” I pretty much just stared at him in disbelief.

What?!? How?!? Eww!!!

The first thing I did Saturday afternoon when I got home was call the vet. Apparently, the vet’s office doesn’t feels that worms are the emergency I felt they should be. But they managed to squeeze us in for an appointment that Tuesday, and went ahead and scheduled all of Hannah’s annual wellness stuff at the same time. She had a tape worm, which was easily taken care of with 2 magical little pills taken 3 weeks apart. The worm cost us ~$65. Vaccines, heart worm testing and prevention, and physical exam made up the remaining $200. I’ve never batted an eye on spending money on Hannah’s health, and as such, that spending is part of my annual plan. Owning a pet is not cheap! But I think she’s worth every penny!

Health & Beauty was a mix of different things I spent money on this month. When I look back, it was mainly related to moisturizing: Face lotion, eye cream, body butter. Winter is coming, people! More than half of that was on body butter: $61 to be exact. I have a hard time finding products that don’t contain something I’m allergic to. Honestly, not itching like crazy every day has been amazing, along with not having to explain the red welts and blotches, so I’m more than willing to spend more money on the products I use. There was a buy 3, get 3 free deal at the place I buy the body butter. Plus I get 10% off. Plus I got a $15 gift card (which I’ve decided to use towards Christmas gifts), which made it a pretty good deal. And that amount of body butter will last me a really, really long time!

I would have liked to have spent less, but overall I’m comfortable with my money choices in September. I still managed to meet my goals, like the extra $700 towards the car loan. I even amazed myself by getting ahead on Holiday savings. It isn’t perfect, but I’m definitely happy with the progress I’m making!

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  1. looks like you’ve had a crazy month! give yourself a little breathing room, it sounds like it’s been stressful. Overall you’ve made a tremendous amount of progress. I’m proud of you :o)

    1. Thanks Zoe! I keep reminding myself that life is long, so there isn’t a need to rush. But I will be so glad when that car loan is gone!

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