Spending – October 2016

As far as spending goes, October was a boring, boring month:

Where the money went: October 2016.
Where the money went: October 2016.

All told, I spent $1,098 while bringing home $2,022. That equals out to 54% of my take-home pay.

There really isn’t much to mention this month; Most of our spending was pretty normal. I bought an e-book on Amazon (Entertainment – $10). I bought some small paint samples for a project that I haven’t gotten around to yet (Hobbies – $14). I bought a large plastic mat to put under the dog’s food dish, along with some new food to try out as a supplement, since Hannah’s losing a lot of weight as she ages (Pet Care – $32). And I spent the early part of the month trying to get past my craving for Starbucks and Arby’s (Restaurants – $36).

I honestly expected October’s spending to be higher, although I’m not really sure what I thought I’d be buying. November’s spending will be higher: We’re celebrating my birthday this weekend with a small gathering, and then we’ll be traveling during the Holiday. I’ve actually been on a somewhat healthier track the last few weeks, so I’m hopeful our little vacation won’t completely derail me.

Is it possible to hope for a frugal AND healthy November?

  • Cindy W.


  1. Happy belated birthday!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Cynthia!

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