Spending – November 2016

2017 has already begun, and yet here I am, just getting around to posting my November 2016 spending. Honestly, I thought about skipping it, and just cutting to December. But then, I wouldn’t have a very good snapshot of 2016 if I left an entire month out. Especially not a month where spending was on the higher side:

Where the money went: November, 2016
Where the money went: November, 2016

I spent a total of $2,102 during the month of November, with a total income of $2,022. Basically, I spent $80 more than I brought home. Not the end of the world, especially given that some of the spending was saved in advance (vacation). I also had some dental work done in late November and early December that was refunded from my FSA account. It was still spent though.

The $100 spent on vacation during November was for food and beverages; Our hotels and gas were paid for out of “Lottery Savings”, which is money I consider already spent each month. I’d love to say that’s all we spent, but there’s another $190 of vacation spending in December. And that total of $290 only accounts for MY half of our spending. It was worth every penny though!

Pet Care was high in November due to a late-night trip to the emergency vet clinic with Hannah a few days before she passed. I ended up taking some of that money out of my emergency fund, and then paying it back over a few weeks. I almost beat myself up over not having a sinking fund for Hannah’s care. After all, Hannah was estimated to be between 16 and 18 years old (I got her as a puppy-mill rescue, so there isn’t much known about her history), so there were bound to be medical costs. In the end, I decided that it’s impossible to have sinking funds for every possible outcome. We don’t know what might happen. It would be ridiculous to have money earmarked for every worst-case scenario. That’s what the general emergency fund is for!

It wasn’t an ideal month. But, it also wasn’t totally out of line, either. Overall, I’m okay with it.

Now December… December is another issue!

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