Spending – November 2015

I know, I know! This is late. Like, really, really late. I should be thinking about December’s Spending recap kind of late.

Oh, I am. And yes, it’s terrible!

This year just kind of blew up on me. There were just so many things that happened that I couldn’t have planned for; Between Bryan and I, we knew 6 people who passed away this year. Let’s be honest, I could have handled things much better financially. But, being able to loosen up financially helped me handle things better emotionally. I’ve decided not to beat myself up over it. It is what it is!

On to the spending:

Where the money went: November 2015
Where the money went: November 2015

I spent $2,619 in November, while I only earned $2,569. Not a huge difference there ($50), but that money had to come from some where (Holiday savings). I made it work by putting way less towards my car loan than I had planned. I did even worse on that front in December (and admittedly dipped into my emergency fund a bit!).

Half the list was fairly normal. Gas was actually low, which seems weird to me. Apparently I only needed to fill up once in November? I expected that Groceries/Household would be high during November and December because of the Holidays. Pet Care was because Hannah was sick; It should have been much higher, but I saved a lot by signing up for the care plan. Which means I’ll have a monthly fee (around $25) starting at the first of the year. Clothing wasn’t even really clothing: I bought some new bras and a new pair of shoes. Nothing too exciting!

At this point, I don’t even remember what everything I categorized as “grief expenses” in November were. I know the flowers were part of it. I actually did this breakdown at the beginning of December, I just didn’t have time to write a post about it. I can barely even think of what my “grief expenses” for December will be, after my Grandma passing December 1st, let alone what October expenses lapped over into November.

Our Holiday Get-Away over Thanksgiving weekend was fabulous, and I’m so glad we decided to do it. The weather was beautiful. We walked on the beach every day. The $355 I show accounts for our hotel and some incidental expenses. Bryan covered the food and gas, etc. Sadly, what he spent probably doubled what I did. Not exactly a frugal trip! But very much so worthwhile!

If things go smoothly, I might actually have my December info posted in the next week or so. Might. Here’s hoping 2016 is so much better than 2015!

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