Spending – July 2016

As July was a pretty fabulous month Net Worth wise, it should come as no surprise that it was a fairly uneventful month for spending as well:

Where the money went: July 2016.
Where the money went: July 2016.

I spent a total of $1,255 in July, while bringing home a total of $2,624. There isn’t really anything too out of the ordinary this month. I spent a lot more than I probably should have on clothes; I’ve found myself much more in the mood the last few months for clothes shopping, and have taken advantage of that to round out my wardrobe a little better. I’ve been buying a lot more warm weather clothes, which helps a lot for day-to-day life during the Summer, and will also help tremendously when we go to Florida in a few weeks.

The Grief Expenses in July were for two flower bead chaplets we’re having made for Bryan’s mom and sister, using flowers from his Dad’s funeral. We both come from Catholic families, although the two of us are non-practicing. Chaplets are like mini rosaries. There are numerous companies online that can make beads out of flower petals that you mail in, and turn them into jewelry, or rosaries, or chaplets. It will take 3-4 months for us to receive the finished chaplets, so I can’t really comment right now on whether the money spent was worthwhile, or if I would recommend the company we used. My Aunt did this after my Grandfather passed away years ago, and I still have my chaplet tucked away in a keepsake box.

The garden expenses this month were for more mulch, and straw for our back garden, where we’re growing cucumbers, zucchini, watermelon and eggplant. At this point, we’re mainly just harvesting and weeding in the garden, and making sure things stay adequately hydrated. We have started canning some things, but any canning supplies I’ve had to purchase have gotten lumped in to our groceries and household expenses.

I do technically have a negative spending category this month: Vacation. The total cost so far for the vacation I’m taking with my mom and sisters later this month has come to $3,461. That included the Resort, along with flights and tickets for 3 of us (my older sister is purchasing her flight and tickets separately, since she isn’t staying as many days). My portion of the cost should have been $1,034. That’s what I calculated into my June Net Worth and Spending numbers. However, my mom realized that it would be difficult for my sisters to afford all of the cost for vacation. Since she’s in a position financially to do so, she wanted to help them out. But, it bothers her that she helps my sisters out, but doesn’t do as much for me. I’m in a position to not need the help, and I definitely want both of my sisters there, so it doesn’t bother me in the least who pays for what. But my mom decided that, to make things fair, she would pay the entire cost of the Resort (i.e. the room). I was given $3,000 to cover the Resort, plus her and one sister’s tickets and flight. Which means I only paid $461 for vacation, instead of $1,034.

With all of that in mind, once again this month I tried to back my Spending numbers into my Net Worth, to see if the math worked out. What I finally realized is that, unless I get more detailed in my tracking, it’s never going to work out. Why? Because when I calculate my Net Worth each month, I use the “available balance” on my bank accounts, which includes all the charges that are pending on my debit card. But when I calculate my Spending, the export only pulls forward the amounts that have already cleared my accounts. Sure, I could manually include the pending charges in my Spending figures for the month. But then, when I go to figure the next month’s Spending numbers, I’d have to remember which charges I’d already figured into the previous month’s Spending, and manually remove those. Which starts to make the whole thing more complicated. Over the course of a year, those lagging end-of-month charges should pretty much be a wash. It isn’t like they aren’t accounted for! It’s just that some of the charges from the last few days of July will show up as though they are early August charges. And next month, late August charges might show up as early September charges. I could remove the pending charges from my Net Worth, but I feel as though including that money as already spent is a more accurate indication of the liquid funds I actually have.

Vacation spending will be big for August, but otherwise, I’m expecting a fairly boring month. And that’s a good thing!

  • Cindy W.


  1. I’d never heard of the flower chaplet idea, and it’s such a good one. I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

    And congrats on the low spending and on the great net worth gain! Awesome!

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping this month isn’t an anomaly. I have to admit to feeling a lot more apt to spend lately. Being debt free is definitely an adjustment!

      I’m hopeful the chaplet works out. I have to admit to being a little apprehensive, since I’ve never used this company. And it was my idea, so there’s always that worry that it’ll be a complete and utter failure. But, worst comes to worst, it’s only wasted money, right? It’s a surprise for his mom, so if it turns out badly, we’ll “sweep it under the rug”, and never speak of it again!

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