Spending – August 2016

Well, it’s only half way through September, and I’m finally getting my spending update together for August. Finally!

Where the money went: August 2016
Where the money went: August 2016

There’s really nothing too surprising about August’s spending. Yes, I spent a lot on vacation. Most of this was for food (lots of dinners out)and beverages (did we really drink THAT much?!?!). But I’m happy with that amount; I’d planned for $150/day, or $1,200 for the 8 days. So, even though I spent a lot, I came in under budget. I consider that a win!

I spent more on Groceries this month than I would have thought. But then I remembered: We did an awful lot of canning during the month of August! Pickles, relishes, jellies, tomatoes… We now have a pantry full of canned produce. Canning would be super cheap, if it weren’t for the jars. I’ve learned which stores have the best deals, and even managed to score a few big coupons for Ball jars, but it still adds up. We do save jars to reuse, but we also give away about half of what we can each year. Most people don’t return the empty jars. It is what it is. We enjoy canning, and we love sharing what we make, so we’re willing to accept the cost. But if you have any ideas on where to find cheap jars, I’m all ears!

I kind of consider restaurant spending to be a failure this month. I didn’t spend a lot, but what I did spend is made up of a bunch of little purchases. All fast food and Starbucks. *sigh* When I look back on the month, I don’t consider these “value added” purchases. I wasn’t spending time with anyone, or doing something for my health. But, then again, as I was getting that Starbucks drink, I would have definitely said it was adding value to my day. So…

I finally ordered checks with my new address. I think that’s the last thing I needed to change over from the move. It’s only taken me a year and a half! I was tempted to just keep using the old checks, since there were still so many left. When I changed the address, I also changed which account the checks were for; I had been writing checks out of my Spending account. I’m now writing checks from my Expense account. I really write very few checks, mostly just my monthly rent check. Since that comes out of my Expense account, it made more sense to switch the account, instead of continuing to transfer funds between accounts every month. Far less confusing!

In the end, I spent $2,137 in August, while earning $2,173. That’s higher than what I’d hope to see most months, but not bad for a month with a big vacation. And, since I’d saved ahead for the vacation spending, it isn’t like it all came out of August’s earnings.

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  1. Oh man, Ball jars! I spend so much on those these days! I think it’s worth it, and obviously I do re-use what I can, but I give a lot away too and those rarely make it back to me. Ah well. Where do you get your coupons for those? I just picked up a few flats on sale at the end of the season, but the sale wasn’t that great at Meijer — basically just a dollar off.

    1. In 2015, when we really got into canning, we bought a lot of our jars last minute while we were grocery shopping at Kroger. I’m assuming their loyalty card tracks purchases, because earlier this year we had several really great coupons print off at the checkout. One coupon was buy on get one free of Ball canning jars. The other was $4 off Ball canning jars. Most of the year the half pint and quarter pint jars were on special for $8.99/dozen. Honestly, we found that Menards had better regular pricing (I want to say $7.99/dozen?), but the coupons at Kroger definitely made it worth getting them there!

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