Spending – August 2015

I’m not going to lie, August was a very spend-y month. I was a little shocked when I ran the numbers. And also, a little confused: Where did the money come from to spend so much?!?

A breakdown of spending during August, 2015
A breakdown of spending during August, 2015

All said and done, I spent $3,456 and brought in $2,569. But wait! The eye-glass purchase was reimbursed, along with $222 of previous medical spending. AND, that $300+ reimbursement from the gas company finally came through. So it isn’t really as bad as it initially looks. I also will see a reimbursement for $130 of the Medical/CoPays for the eye exam. I have to wait for the $40 reimbursement to come through from my eye insurance before I can submit the other $90 to my FSA. The rest of the Medical/CoPays is for things like allergy medicine and other miscellaneous expenses that won’t be reimbursed.

Some of the expenses are pretty normal, like rent and the car payment. I also had some routine maintenance done on my car during August. I’ll get a $15 rebate towards future maintenance, which will help out with costs later on this year.

Grocery/Household spending was really high this month. Part of the reason is because we did some canning this month, and I bought supplies. I need to talk about that in a future post. The rest? Um… We were hungry? I have no idea!

I spent twice as much on gas this month. Some of that flowed over from last month: July was a longer month (5 weeks), and I did a lot more driving in July because of everything that was going on with my sister. Which meant I had to get gas within the first few days of August. I also did a lot more driving during August, between my younger sister’s surgery (they ended up removing her lump), and my older sister’s wedding (shopping!), and everything else.

The $108 for internet was to cancel the service on my HotSpot. From here on out, I won’t have a bill for Internet. Bryan covers our at home service, so there’s still a bill, it just isn’t part of my monthly expenses. Miscellaneous was for flowers for a funeral. Restaurant spending wasn’t too bad this month, so that’s nice. My cell phone bill is up; I’ve decided to switch to one of Republic Wireless’s new plans, which includes some 4G data each month. I really need to write a post about that at some point, but I want to wait until I see how the first month goes.

So far, I’ve spent $76 on wedding related purchases. My sister’s wedding is this weekend, so by next week I’ll know what the damage is. I’ve been looking at ways to cut costs, without skimping where it actually matters. We’ll see if that plan works, or if it all goes out the door once the party starts rolling!

So, there you have it: All the dirty details of my August spending! There are some places that I definitely could have cut back. But I also feel like I’m getting better about not creating excuses to spend. It used to be that something like a wedding would come along, and my budget would totally go out the window. Sure, a wedding is a valid reason to spend, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to set limits, and cut back where you can. I’m hoping to follow the same reasoning into the Holidays. Yes, I’ll spend money, but that doesn’t mean I can’t set limitations, and try to cut costs where I can. We’ll see how that goes!

– Cindy W.

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