Smoothly Out The Rough Patch

I’m expecting 2015 to be a wild ride. Overall, I think the year will be a good one, but I know that there are going to be a lot of rough patches. There are just too many loose ends that Bryan and I both need to tie up before we can move forward. Luckily, being prepared for the worst tends to make things go much more smoothly.

Since he’s still on layoff, Bryan went to help a friend of ours in another state for the weekend. The weather was nice, and I didn’t have any plans, so I decided to buckle down and get some things done. I painted the inside of the garage. I sanded and stained the new wood flooring in the “Hallway” (it’s a 3 X 3  area between the living room and the bedroom). I had the oil changed on my car (It’s a little overdue. Maybe a lot). Went and got my hair cut (It’s been a year since I last got it cut.).

Of course all that meant that by Sunday, my back was out. Getting older sucks! But, I got to relax a little bit, and spend time with family for my nephew’s 12th birthday.

The floor and the garage knock two big things off my to-do list on the house. Now I just need to clean things up and get it ready to show. Cleaning out the garage is going to be a big undertaking; There’s a lot of stuff in there that I need to get rid of. But, luckily, the space is big enough, and everything is organized enough, that I can be working on that while the house is on the market. The end is in sight! Let’s hope the weather holds out.

Since he isn’t back to work yet, things are getting pretty tight financially for Bryan. I ended up pitching in an extra $500 this month to help cover some of his bills. Honestly, because he’s so stubborn, I’m not truly paying half of our expenses; I pay half the rent, and buy a lot of the food, but he pays all the utilities, and cable, and still buys a lot of our meat. I pulled the money from my emergency fund; It isn’t technically an emergency, but one of the reasons I increased my emergency fund is because Bryan lost his job, and I knew I might be facing increased expenses. So I feel okay taking money from there.

As luck would have it, Bryan is going back to work tomorrow! We were worried he’d be out of work until the end of winter. The company that hired him on in the Fall has several jobs starting already this year, so they called him back up. Since he’s going to be working again, Bryan’s plan is to pay me back over the next few months. So, for now, I’m leaving my emergency fund at $2,500 and will replenish it as he pays me back. That way I can keep working on paying off my student loan. I’ll probably change my mind on that at some point, but for now, that’s the plan!

A few bumps in the road, but overall things are going well!

– Cindy W.

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