Rolling with the Changes

I find myself stuck in the ultimate blogging paradox: A lot of big things are going on in my life right now, so I have a ton of things I could be writing about. But, a lot of big things are going on in my life right now, which means I have very little time to sit down and write about them. Isn’t that always the way it goes?

It’s been less that a week since the boyfriend lost his job, and so far, nothing has really been decided. We’re dealing with the little things, like cell phones, and email addresses, and rebuilding his contact list. He has a few job prospects, but he doesn’t want to jump into anything too quickly. We’re weighing out all our options, trying to decide what steps we need to take next. Everything from where we live to where we work is up for discussion right now.

On top of everything that is going on, I leave for vacation in a couple of days. There’s packing, and shopping, and planning left to do. I feel really bad about leaving on vacation right now. Especially on an expensive Disney vacation. But I’ve already paid for the most expensive parts of the vacation; I can’t get that money back! And it would hurt the rest of the group if I backed out now, especially since the plan is to drive my car. The boyfriend is fine with me going. And having a little time to himself to think and get things done may not be a bad thing.

As I get time, I’ll start posting about some of the things that are going on, and some of the choices we’re considering. But things might be a little quiet here for the next week or so!

– Cindy W.


  1. Cindy, I wish you the most pleasant time in your holidays. Enjoy every second of it and gather all the good energies you are able to grab. Even might be possible that you get some gorgeous ideas, being distant to the home situation. All the best! – Anne

    1. Thanks Anne! I’m hoping to have a nice, relaxing time. Although in all reality, I’ll probably be a big ball of stress worrying about how the boyfriend is doing here!

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