Republic Wireless – 3 Months Later

I’ve had my Moto X phone with Republic Wireless for around 3 months now. Enough time to have gotten used to my new phone, and my new plan. First let me say, I’m not exactly a tech wizard. I text, email, Facebook, Pinterest, and google random facts that the BF and I disagree on. I probably use 50% of this phone’s capabilities, if that. I sometimes take pictures. And I use the alarm clock. Outside of that, I can’t say much about the phone’s capability. It’s fast, fairly easy to use, and does more than I’ll ever need it to.

Republic Wireless now offers 4 plans, ranging from $5 to $40 per month. I went with the $10 per month plan, which gives me unlimited 3G calling and texting, with unlimited WiFi data. When the phone is on WiFi, the calls and texts are transmitted via WiFi. With all the government fees that get added on, I’ve been paying $12.33 each month. Awesome!

I’ll admit, the WiFi part was hard at first. The first couple of weeks I had some calls get dropped while I was on WiFi, and a couple of texts didn’t come through. I was super worried that this wasn’t going to work out. As it turns out the issue isn’t with the phone, it’s with my HotSpot. It sucks. Even when it’s plugged in, and something is connected to it, it likes to turn itself off. ALL THE TIME. I hate it.

But the only time I use the HotSpot is when I’m at my house, which isn’t really that much. For the most part the phone only connects to the WiFi signals that you allow. I may have allowed my phone to connect to a neighbor’s unlocked WiFi one day when my HotSpot was giving me issues. Since then, my phone seems to prefer that signal. Problem solved! Hey, I’m not there that often. And lock your WiFi, people!

I know this may sound dumb, but I didn’t realize I’d have to look for signals. I thought my phone would just connect to open signals. I knew I’d have to look for password protected signals, like my HotSpot, and the BF’s WiFi. So, unless I was at hos house, or home, I didn’t have data. I figured for $12.33 per month, I could deal. If I decided I needed it, I could always upgrade to the $25 plan, with unlimited 3G data.

And then one day I was meeting my sister at the hospital. Her phone wasn’t working right, so she asked that I Facebook her when I got there. Shit! I decided when I got there to look for a network. And that’s when I found “visitor/guest” connections. How did I not know about these?!? You have to agree to the terms of service, but otherwise you’re golden. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, Target, the grocery store! I can get WiFi now from almost anywhere. I can look up ingredients for recipes while at the store! Yay!

I’m obviously still figuring things out. Like I said, I’m not tech savvy. But the plan is working for me. And it’s only $12.33 a month! Twelve bucks! Unlimited! How awesome is that?!?

– Cindy W.


  1. Awesome! We just switched to ting wireless and I do use a fair bit of cellular data. But it’s still only $21 a month. Love these new plans! No idea how verizon and sprint can stay in business with $100 a month plans.

    1. There are so many great options out now, it’s amazing! I think a lot of people are still afraid to try something new. They figure switching to a smaller company is going to create problems, so they stick with the tried and true. But it isn’t like the old days, when a smaller provider meant worse coverage. You really can get great service at a great price!

  2. I also have a Moto X And Republic Wireless. It’s reliable most of the time and I love the savings!!

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