Project: Sell The House – Update 1

Things have been a little slow on selling the house.  I was hopeful that listing the house on a Friday might mean we’d see some action that first weekend. After all, weekends are when most people go house hunting. But the days passed by without so much as a nibble.

I was starting to get worried. We already knew interest would be limited on a one bedroom house, especially since it was on a bigger piece of land. What if the house sat on the market, and no one ever even came to look at it?

Things finally started looking up going into this weekend. We had some people request information. There were two showings on Saturday. The feedback on the house was all good. I haven’t heard anything else yet. But, then again, most people view a house then go home and think about it, usually coming back for a second viewing before making a decision. Nothing may come from those first two showings. But at least there is some interest on the house.

Things are starting off a little slow. But I have to keep reminding myself that it’s been just over a week. There’s no reason to panic. We just need to stay the course, and see what happens. Worse comes to worse, the house will become a rental property. But we still have months before we need to make that decision.

– Cindy W.


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