Planning For a Car

Back in April, I sold my 2011 Nissan Versa, and bought back my old 2000 Honda Accord. That decision enabled me to get rid of my monthly payment, which freed up some money to meet other goals. Granted, it’s only been 4 months. But that’s still $1,000, on top of the money I’ve saved on insurance.

When I made the change, I planned on keeping the Honda as long as possible. I figured the longer I could go without a car payment, the better. And hopefully when the day came to buy another car, I’d have the cash available to not take out a loan. It seemed like the perfect plan. But like most plans, you don’t know how well they work until you put it into action. The Honda has some issues. Its burning oil, which is an added cost and concern. It sometimes makes a weird noise in the morning. And the gas pedal sticks when I first start the car.

So the car isn’t perfect. Right now it’s just minor concerns that I’m trying to keep on top of. But the question has to be asked: How dependable is the Honda? Actually, it’s a question that’s being asked frequently, by the BF. He’s worried. Is it going to breakdown when I’m traveling out of town? Is it going to have issues starting this winter? Being single for so long, I’m not used to factoring someone else into my daily living decisions. And knowing that I’m independent, he tries not to weigh too heavily on my decisions. But being that our lives are becoming more intertwined, we really need to start weighing in  on each other’s decisions. After all, if my car were to break down, it would be hard to keep that from having some effect on him.

The car is a concern. I’m not saying that selling the Nissan was a bad decision. But buying the Honda may not have been the right one. Don’t get me wrong, the Honda isn’t a bad car. But with as much as I’m traveling, it isn’t a good choice for me. So, I’m starting to look at my options. I’m trying not to rush into anything. And I’m working on having open discussions with my partner, and encouraging him to share his opinions honestly. The more we talk about our priorities and opinions, the more we reshape our decisions.

My goal is to hold onto the Honda until the right vehicle comes along. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to find something both affordable and reliable. Something that I can be happy driving, and that allows the BF to relax. It could be tomorrow. Or a year from now. Who knows? But I’m working it into my plan. Like I’ve said before, it’s always a work in progress. Things are going to be continually changing, evolving. I’m hopeful that so long as I keep my ultimate goals in mind these changes won’t derail my progress. Only time will tell!

– Cindy W.


  1. What would you do in my situation?

  2. Honda is nice but seems you got a bad one. You have caring bf and both of you like to share and care for each other which is good. I hope you find a new car for you soon, good luck

    1. Thanks Rita!
      The Honda is older, and has lived a rough life (a few large accidents, etc.). I think it’s just a matter of me being more realistic about what I need. I do a fair amount of driving on a daily basis, and am frequently making trips out of town. It probably has several good years left in it, but not if it’s being pushed the way I’m trying to. I need to find something that will better suite my needs.

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