Out on a Limb

It popped into my inbox, just like they do every few weeks. Another job opening, sent through our parent company. I always have to look, even though it’s always the same: plant manager, supervisor, laborer. Positions that hold absolutely no interest for me, even if I were qualified. But I figure I should still look. Maybe someday a golden opportunity will pop into my inbox!

And, surprise! It was actually a position I was interested in! Not in my current field, but in one that I have experience in. I meet the minimum qualifications. It’s even a step up from where I am now. Possibly a big step up!

I let it sit in my inbox for days, reading it over and over. Considering the possibilities. It wasn’t perfect: The position is 6 hours away. I’d have to move, make some major lifestyle changes. But honestly, I’ve always been interested in those types of big changes. After all, I went to college at 17 as many states away as my parents would allow me to go. I moved halfway across the country with a company I didn’t even like working for. I thrive on change! The chance to start over, to create a better life!

So why did it fester in my inbox for days? Because I was afraid. What if they didn’t think I was qualified? They’d likely contact my boss to ask questions about me. She’s already struggling, so she’d be none too happy with the idea of me leaving. Would she give me a bad review? Would she be angry with me for trying? I could see myself ending up not even seriously considered for the position, and straining my current situation. Was it worth it to even try?

Most of the time, I’d let the email sit there, rereading it every day, wondering about the possibilities. And then, once the deadline passed, I’d think “it wasn’t meant to be”, and hit delete.

So, I talked to my boyfriend, polished up the resume, wrote a (hopefully) well-worded email, and hit send.

I probably won’t even be seriously considered for the position. And there is a good possibility that my boss may find out, and may not be happy. But, at the very least, it puts me on radar of someone higher up. And, after all, what’s meant to be, will be! That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take chances!

What’s the biggest chance you’ve taken? Are there risks you didn’t take, and wish you had

– Cindy W.

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