Not Enough Hours In the Day

I haven’t posted on here in 19 days, which I feel really bad about! Honestly, I have a lot to say, just having trouble making time.

Bryan’s Dad passed away last week, so we’ve been spending a lot of time with family. It was a really difficult time, but he’s been struggling for a while. He’s finally at peace.

We’ve had to navigate a lot of life changing events as a couple in the past year or so, and I definitely think it’s helped us to grow and see what’s important to us. It’s a reminder of why getting our finances in order is so important: So we can “buy time” to spend with the ones we love. You can always earn more money, but you’ll never get the time back!

I finally booked a vacation in August with my Mom and sisters. I didn’t want the year to slip away without making the time! I’ll post more about that in the future. It’s definitely made a big dent in my June net worth!

The garden is doing great! I feel like we were really late getting things in. May was really wet, and Bryan likes to till the garden multiple times before planting, so that slowed things down a bunch. But, we finally got everything planted. We even have jalapenos that are ready to pick!

Our main vegetable garden.
Our main vegetable garden. Picture taken a few weeks back.

I’d say that I’m hoping things will calm down soon, but I’m always saying that. I just need to learn more balance in life, and to make time for the important things. It’s a work in progress!

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