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Welcome to my monthly net worth post for October, 2016. Each month, I post a complete breakdown of my net worth, along with a chart showing the progression of my net worth since the start of this blog. Posting my net worth helps keep me accountable for what I do with my money, and motivates me to make better choices and push to reach new goals. You can see previous net worth updates here

I obviously haven’t been writing much lately. I’ve thought of a million things to write about, financial and otherwise. I’ve even taken a variety of pictures. It’s on my mind at least daily. And yet… I haven’t done anything. Aside from my net worth posts, and monthly spending, this blog has been completely silent.

It isn’t that life is going badly. Actually, things are going well. I can’t actually say that I don’t have time. I could certainly make time. But, right now, I’m living in the moment, and figuring out my priorities. Eventually I see myself writing more, but I haven’t figured out in what capacity.

But I do have my net worth numbers calculated from October!

October, 2016 Net Worth:

Net Worth as of October 31, 2016.
Net Worth as of October 31, 2016.

October ended up being a much better month than I expected. I gained a total of $2,155 in net worth during the month! My increased 401(k) contributions are really helping to boost my retirement savings. I’m still in a spot where my balance is low enough that market fluctuations don’t have a huge effect one way or the other.

I was going to say that I didn’t really go many places during the month of October to spend money, but that isn’t actually accurate. The reality is, I mostly went places with Bryan. Although I tend to be the less impulsive, less spendy between us, shopping with him keeps me from making any additional purchases. When I shop alone, I tend to meander about, stopping to look at anything that catches my eye. Bryan shops like he’s on a mission: We have a list, we go directly to the items on our list, and we don’t dilly-dally around. So much of my concentration is on keeping pace with him, that I can’t even look at all the things we’re passing. We take the shortest route from the door to the item we’re buying, whereas I tend to have a “favored route” through the departments I enjoy most.

Which leaves me wondering how he shops so impulsively without me? Maybe he’s so used to the crisp pace, he’s able to observe more of the things around him? Regardless, shopping together saves us both money. I consider that a win!

I did book two hotels for a total of 4 days for our Thanksgiving trip this year. We’ve decided to spend some time exploring Savannah, Georgia and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Despite the large expense, this had zero effect on my net worth. How? Because we’re using the Lottery Savings money for this trip. I consider this savings “spent” each week, just as if I were playing the lottery. The $20 cash gets put away, until we decide to spend it on something together. Which most likely will always be Fall/Winter travel. The money will pay for our hotels, and most of our gas. We’ll split the cost of food and beverages. Granted, we spend a lot on food and beverages when we travel. But having the two major expenses taken care of is a huge help!

Net Worth Progress Chart:

Monthly net worth since the start of this blog (February, 2013).
Monthly net worth since the start of this blog (February, 2013).

I’m hoping to finally cross over to $50,000 in net worth sometime during November. I can’t believe how far I’ve come over the past two years! I’m still trying to figure out my feelings about money, and what my future financial picture looks like. Setting goals is a little harder, now that I’m debt free. But there’s a huge sense of freedom that comes along with that as well.

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  1. Congrats on being so close to 50K!! I hope you and Bryan enjoy the Savannah/Hilton Head area post-Matthew. We’re still recovering but the weather has been beautiful since the storm passed.

    1. Thanks Bree!

      I hadn’t really considered the lasting impact of Matthew on the places we would be visiting. One of the benefits of living nowhere near the ocean: You tend to be completely oblivious of the effects of hurricanes.

      I hope you and your family are safe, and didn’t sustain too much damage!

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