Net Worth Update – March 2016

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Welcome to my monthly net worth post for March, 2016. Each month, I post a complete breakdown of my net worth, along with a chart showing the progression of my net worth since the start of this blog. Posting my net worth helps keep me accountable for what I do with my money, and motivates me to make better choices and push to reach new goals. You can see previous net worth updates here

I was expecting March to be a nice, steady month. I didn’t have any big expenses planned. I could get back on track with my extra payments on my car loan. And, much to my surprise, things ended up working out even better than I planned!

March 2016 Net Worth:

Net Worth update as of March 31, 2016.
Net Worth update as of March 31, 2016.

$3,752! The stock market definitely gave my net worth a nice boost this month. And I managed to put a nice chunk of money towards my car loan. $2,364 to be exact. Some of that ($680) came from money I was sitting on last month, waiting to see how our vacation plans panned out. I squeezed the budget extra hard this month to try to pay down the loan as much as possible. I’m ready to have that loan gone, so I can focus on other things!

Net Worth Progress Chart:

Monthly Net Worth since the start of this blog (February 2013).
Monthly Net Worth since the start of this blog (February 2013).

I’m really happy with how March ended. And I’m really excited about the possibilities that April could hold for me. If I want my life to change, I need to start taking steps to make that happen. That means pushing myself outside my comfort zone. It will be a lot easier if I don’t have debt hanging over my head, so that’s the first step.

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  1. Way to go, it is great to see a loan balance going down, isn’t it. Bring on April!

    1. It is a fabulous feeling! Can’t wait to see it gone!

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