Net Worth Update – March 2015

I can’t believe that March is over already! The first quarter of 2015 is gone. I can’t complain about it being April, since I am super excited about the warm weather that is coming. Maybe things will slow down once the sun is shining?

March ended up being an exceptional month for me. I listed my house. I paid off my student loan. I accepted an offer on my house. The numbers look alright, but it’s definitely one of those months where net worth doesn’t tell the whole story. I made some great strides in March!

Net Worth - 0315
Net Worth as of March 31, 2015


I gained $1,447 in March. I broke the $15,000 mark for total net worth. I also broke $15,000 in my 401(k)! Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with everything that happened in March. Okay, maybe if Sallie Mae didn’t owe me $105 I could be happier. But on the bright side, I don’t owe them any more!

Things are moving ahead nicely in 2015. I’m sure the next few months will be stressful, with trying to move, and finishing out the sale on the house. But things are moving in the right direction. Right now, I’m happy for every little success!

– Cindy W.


  1. Look at you! That’s fantastic. And yes, it’ll be even better when Sallie Mae sends you the $$ it owes you and you (fingers crossed) finish the house sale 🙂

    1. I’m a little worried about the Sallie Mae thing. I checked online yesterday; My balance shows $0 now, but the loan still shows it is in repayment. It looks like my direct deposit has been turned off, so they shouldn’t be charging me any more. But the last payment shows it was applied to the principal, and there is no running total to show that the principal was exceeded. Hopefully that money hasn’t disappeared into the student loan abyss!

      1. If it doesn’t resolve itself in a week, get in touch with them — in fact, get in touch with them now! Just write customer service. Worst thing that can happen is they don’t reply 🙂

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