Net Worth Update – March 2014

The first quarter of 2014 is coming to an end. Honestly, it’s been a pretty great year so far. Financially speaking, anyways. I’ve made tons of progress towards my goal of growing my net worth by $10,000* in 2014.

Here’s where I stand financially as of the end of March:

Net Worth as of March 31, 2014
Net Worth as of March 31, 2014

Obviously month-to-month growth is starting to slow down. In March I bought a couple of special order windows for my house, along with all the stuff needed to install them (caulk, shims, spray sealant, trim, etc). I foresee April and May being big spending months, as far as the house goes. I need to order 3 more windows, have a variety of other small tasks around the house that need taken care of, and hopefully will be paying someone to complete my bathroom remodel.

I have $6,000 set aside right now, strictly for the house. I’m also putting my “extra” $170 each week towards the house. There are a lot of small projects that need done before I can list the house. $50 here, $100 there, really does add up! I also keep throwing money into this fund for any unknown expenses I may come into when the time comes to sell. Selling the house will definitely put me in a better position financially, since it will free up a lot of money each month. If things go well, I’ll also walk away with some cash that I can immediately use towards debt repayment. I still intend to meet my goal of having my student loan paid off at the end of 2014, even though I currently still owe $6,616. I just need to get the house taken care of first.

It’s hard to watch things roll along slowly; It’s human nature to want the big wins. But the most sustainable way to reach financial independence is slowly. Once I’m there, I’ll have developed the habits to stay the course.

– Cindy W.

*I started 2014 with a net worth of $1,216.


  1. Nice job, Cindy! Great job on your net worth increase. Slow and steady wins the race =)

    1. Thanks Holly!

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