Net Worth Update – July 2016

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Welcome to my monthly net worth post for July, 2016. Each month, I post a complete breakdown of my net worth, along with a chart showing the progression of my net worth since the start of this blog. Posting my net worth helps keep me accountable for what I do with my money, and motivates me to make better choices and push to reach new goals. You can see previous net worth updates here

Overall, July ended up being an incredibly uneventful month. We started harvesting vegetables from the garden. Spent time with friends and family. Unsuccessfully tried to combine spending time outdoors with staying out of the heat. You know, normal summertime activities.

As it turns out, uneventful months are great on the finances!

July 2016 Net Worth:

Net Worth as of July 31, 2016
Net Worth as of July 31, 2016.

I had a total net worth gain of $3,722 in July, which more than made up for my June shortcomings. The markets played nice, and I saw a fair increase in my 401(k) balance. I stayed on track with my emergency fund: It’s now at $4,840. By the end of this week, it will be fully funded at $5,000. Even the value of my vehicle is holding strong!

In the first week of July, I surpassed my goal of gaining $10,000 in net worth during 2016. I’ve managed to make a $12,932 increase so far. I doubt I’ll make it to $20,000 this year, but I should get fairly close, depending on what the markets do for the remainder of the year. Actually, in the next few weeks I’ll start putting a larger percentage of my income into my 401(k), which should make things more interesting. Long-term, it’s a great financial move. Short-term? Well, it means my net worth will be much more out of my control, and in the hands of stock market fluctuations. It should be an interesting ride!

Net Worth Progress Chart:

Monthly Net Worth since the start of this blog (February 2013).
Monthly Net Worth since the start of this blog (February 2013).

I’m expecting August to be a less stellar month, since I’ll be spending a large chunk of change while we’re on vacation. I already have that money set aside, in cash, so no worries there. Otherwise, I’m hoping for smooth sailing for the remainder of the year!

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  1. Congrats on a fine month. Boring is sexy in the finance world. A great month and you’re harvesting your garden. Looks like you’re collecting dividends two ways :-).

    1. Boring is a great place to be financially! Now I can concentrate on eating/canning all of our veggies!

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