Net Worth Update – January 2015

I posted a few weeks ago that January was going to be a pretty rough month for my net worth. And, of course, it didn’t disappoint:

Net Worth update as of January 30, 2015
Net Worth update as of January 30, 2015


Okay, it looks kind of bad. But, digging in a little more, it isn’t as bad as it looks! Sure, I lost $1,628 in one month. But, $1,500 of that was depreciation on the car. The stock market took a hit, but I managed to gain a little through contributions. Yay retirement contributions! AND I paid off $1,674 in debt this month. Of which $1,289 went towards my student loan!

That student loan is going to be history in no time!

Granted, I won’t be able to pay off that much every month. But, I anticipate being able to pay off anywhere from $480-600 each month. Plus, I’ll have a tax refund coming in sometime in the next few months. If all goes as plans (i.e., no unforeseen disasters lurking), I should be able to have that loan gone by May.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with how 2015 is starting off. Cash and investments and assets may vary, but with debt, once it’s gone, it’s gone*.Right now, those numbers are the ones I’m concentrating on.

How was your January? Is 2015 starting off a little rough for you? Or has it been smooth sailing so far?

– Cindy W.

* Assuming you don’t take on any more debt. And (aside from a possible future home), I don’t intend to!



  1. You’re right — it isn’t as bad as it looks! Cars are what they are, and everything else you’re doing is solid. The debt repayment is particularly awesome! That has to feel good.

    1. It does feel pretty great, and really motivating. I can’t wait to see that number hit $0! Then I’ll have to figure out how I’m going to take care of that car loan.

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