Net Worth Update – April 2015

April has been a crazy month for me, and definitely not in a good way. But, somehow, I made it through. And in fairly good shape:

Net Worth update as of April 30, 2015
Net Worth update as of April 30, 2015

I’ll admit, when the going got tough, the budget pretty much went out the door. Some of it was understandable, like the money that was spent due to the unexpected death of my sister’s fiancée. Some of it was pretty much unavoidable, like money that went towards doctor’s co-pays and medications. And some of it was just because I spend more when I’m stressed. Luckily (I guess), on top of everything else, I’m having horrible issues with my reflux/stomach. Usually when life takes a turn for the worse, I console myself with expensive foods, be they exotic or comfort. My waistline and budget are thankful for my digestive distress, even if I’m not.

So, despite having a really rough month, I still managed to grow my net worth by $1,306. Actually, that number should be $250+ higher, but my 401k contribution for last week hasn’t posted yet, which included my employer’s monthly contribution. I’m not sweating it though; I figure as much as the market fluctuates, that amount could easily have been eaten up if things had turned downwards. The delay isn’t being ignored however; I’ve been told our parent company is looking into a new processing company for the 401k plan, as posting delays are becoming more and more common.

I’m not expecting things to calm down much in May. If all goes well, we’ll close on the house sometime the middle of the month, although we don’t have an exact date yet. It’s looking like I might actually be walking away with some cash. It won’t be a lot, but every little bit helps. Then I have some minor medical procedures that are being done on the 13th and 21st. Luckily, I have great medical insurance, a very low annual deductible, and a Flexible Spending Account that I’m hoping will cover most, if not all, of my costs.

It’s definitely going to be a busy, stressful month. But I’m hoping to be in a much better situation by the end!

– Cindy W.


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