My Current Net Worth – September 2013

The Holiday is officially over, and it’s time to get back to business! I’m a little late this month with my numbers. Better late than never, I guess!

September 4, 2013 Net Worth Update
September 4, 2013 Net Worth Update

I’ll admit, I was a little shocked when I ran the numbers. I was budgeting for a $1,000 increase from last month. Although in truth, since I’m saving $200 per pay period, and there were 5 paydays in August, $1,200 was a more accurate goal. But in the end, I was able to grow my net worth by $2,436!

Some of my growth was due to 401k gains ($415) and principal pay downs on debt (~$149). I hosted a yard sale this month ($350), sold some books and DVDs to Half Priced Books ($63!), and won $80 at the casino during our mini-vacay! Taking into account the $1,200 in weekly savings, I somehow managed to save an additional $179 bucks this month!

It’s not much, but I’m out of the red, and finally making some real progress on bringing my net worth up. I’m really looking forward to bringing my net worth up over the $10,000 mark. Again, that’s not a lot for a 34 year old girl, but it’s still a good amount of progress.

The only downfall right now is knowing that some of that money is earmarked for spending. The BF has been talking to various contractors about replacing the roof on my porch. Right now, no one is showing much interest in such a small project. But once the weather starts turning cold, it’ll probably be time to pull the plug and get it done. I also have a bathroom remodel that I’m stashing away some cash for. Minor setbacks in net worth, but they’ll hopefully result in gains as far as livability and sale-ability of my house.

How was August for your household budget? Any major gains/losses?

– Cindy W.


  1. Nice job! August was pretty steady eddy for me. I sold a lot of stock earlier so I didn’t get affected as much by the downturn. I look every 6 months instead of every month as well.


    1. That is one nice thing about being at the starting point in investing: Unless there is a huge market upturn or downturn, you don’t gain or lose a lot. Makes it easier to just sit back and let it ride!

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