My Current Net Worth – November 2013

After months of being behind, I’m finally on it with reporting my net worth this month! Here’s how my financial picture looks heading into November:

October 31, 2013 Net Worth Update
October 31, 2013 Net Worth Update

I did make an adjustment to last month; I didn’t have my total loan amount for the new Escape, so I ball-parked the number. As it turns out, I ball-parked a bit too low. So I’ve adjusted that figure for this month and last.

Also, in the next few days I expect my liquid assets to decrease by $3,800. Ouch! This is the money that I’m paying out to the contractor for my porch project. I went back and forth on whether to include the deduction this month, since it should be deducted from my account any day now. In the end, I decided that since the money hasn’t left yet, its best not to adjust for it.

It’s very likely that I’ll be dipping back into the red next month. That idea doesn’t make me very happy. But, when you have a low net worth, these things happen. Hopefully, in the next year or so I can say goodbye permanently to ever again having a negative net worth!

– Cindy W.


  1. Is that correct? you’ve only paid about $600 on your student loans the entire year?! and your mortgage is upside down? I think you might have paid off some CC’s but i don’t remember.

    Also, can you fix your feed? I tend to read on a reader app and your’s just comes as a summary and u have to click through to come to the site which obviously won’t work if you’re not connected to the internet (which i usually am not, hence i have the reader app).

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’ll look into the feed issue… I’m still learning a lot about how WordPress works. But I’ll poke around over the next few days and see if I can figure something out.

      I pay $104.58 per month on the student loan, but most of it is still getting eaten up by interest. The value of the house is a big question. According to Zillow, it’s worth in the ballpark of $64,000. I think that’s way off, especially since there have been a few foreclosures on my street this year that have sold for super cheap. I bought it for $54,900, but that was before the housing crash, and my neighborhood has gone downhill a little since then. Although, I have made a lot of improvements since I bought it. I guess I just feel safer with a number like $45,000; It may be too low, but better to be low than too high?

      Sometime around the end of the year/start of next year I plan to do a recap on where exactly my money went in 2013. If you’re just looking at the net worth update it looks like I made absolutely no progress this year, which sucks! But I knew 2013 was going to be an expensive year from the get-go: The city required a sewer update, which cost thousands of dollars, the roof replacement for the porch was $4,000, I had thousands of dollars in medical expenses, etc. 2014 should be a much better year. If all goes according to plan, I should be able to start knocking out some debt repayment then!

  2. Good luck with your Net Worth and debt repayments in 2014. It can be hard when life gets in the way, especially for somebody that has 3 cars and a home.

    1. Thanks El!
      I guess it looks a little confusing in this layout, but I only have 1 car. I started the year with a 2011 Nissan, which I sold and bought a 2000 Honda. A few months back I traded the Honda for a 2013 Escape. Hence the values on the Nissan and Honda have both been zeroed out. I want people to be able to see my progress from the beginning, which is why they’re both still listed on there. But in 2014 I’ll probably combine all the categories that no longer apply into “Other”, so people can still see where I started, without the confusion of listing things that no longer exist.

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