My Current Net Worth – December 2013

I can’t believe it’s already December! This year has really flown by! With a new month comes a new update:

December 3, 2013 Net Worth Update
December 3, 2013 Net Worth Update

As expected, my net worth took another downturn this month. That was due to the $3,800 that I paid out to have the railings and roof replaced on my front porch. This was a planned (and saved for) expense, so it was nothing unexpected. As I said last month, when your net worth is low, any big expenses are going to have a big impact. On the plus side, my net worth only decreased by $1,433, even though I spent $3,800. So I did still manage to save some cash this month.

I also made some adjustments to my chart this month. I’ve been thinking lately that going into 2014, I should remove some of the categories that no longer apply. Then “EL” commented on last month’s report about my 3 cars, and I realized making the change now might help alleviate some confusion for people who haven’t previously been following this blog. So, the Honda, Nissan, Nissan Loan and 529 Plan all were removed from the chart. The Nissan and Honda were both sold, and the 529 Plan was used for educational expenses. I still want a comparison with where I was when I started this site, so I combined those amounts into the “Other” category.

I do still have a few big upcoming expenses to take care of, but I’m thinking those can wait until tax time. I’m expecting a refund again this year, so I’ll just apply that money to those and be done with it. So, if nothing unexpected happens, my net worth should be increasing from here on out!

How was your November? Are you also experiencing a few setbacks in your accumulation of wealth?

– Cindy W.


  1. It seems like we’re always experiencing a setback of some kind, lol. We put in a drain system and got our crawl space encapsulated in one of our rentals last month ($8,000!!!) and moved, paid movers, etc.
    We’re probably buying a house soon and will move again (more money) and spend who-knows-what on carpet or what-not. Plus a huge down payment.

    It’s always two steps forward, two steps back in our house!

    1. It really does seem that way. Anything on a house seems to equal thousands of dollars out the door. I just keep reminding myself that it will all mean an easier sell/better price when the time comes!

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