My Current Net Worth – April 2013

Since I’m Growing My Worth, it only seems right that I should be updating you on that worth. I was hoping to update my net worth on this site at the beginning of every quarter. I’m obviously a little behind this quarter. Technically, I could go back and figure out all the numbers as of March 31st. But, since I’m posting about it today, I’m going to go with today’s numbers (okay, technically now it’s yesterday’s numbers). So, as of April 15th, 2013:

April 15th, 2013 Net Worth Update
April 15th, 2013 Net Worth Update

I’m almost out of the red! Within the next week, I’ll officially be in the black. Of course, depending on what ends up happening with school, I could quickly end up back in the red. But I consider the investment in my education to be a positive one, since it will result in an increase to my income.

Selling the Nissan will also be a huge help. I no longer have a car payment, so that’s an extra $250 a month. The change also cut my insurance premiums in half!

I also feel better knowing that my only remaining debts are a school loan and a mortgage. While no debt is truly good debt (depending on what school of thought you support), loans for higher education and housing at least have the possibility of contributing to appreciating assets, assuming they are used wisely.

Slowly but surely, I am Growing My Worth!

– Ms. W

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