More Money Than I Thought

April is coming to a close, and I’d love to say that life is returning to normal. Unfortunately, it isn’t. On the plus side, I have lots of things I could be writing about. On the minus side, I’m struggling to find the time to write them. Such is life!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my net worth update for April. Before I do that, I felt there was something I should touch on: A couple of weeks back, I posted about our travels to the South for my sister’s fiancée’s funeral, and the costs associated with the last-minute trip. I booked the plane tickets and rental car online, and paid for those items myself, while my Mom covered our hotels and food while we were there. I spent around $2,200; I’d estimate my Mom ended up spending close to $1,500. Our plan was to count this trip as our vacation for 2015. Once we all got home, Mom and I were supposed to sit down and calculate what we spent, and adjust so we each ended up covering about 50% of the costs.

Somewhere along the line though, my Mom had a change of heart. After all that I did to make sure everything came together, on our trip and once we came home, she didn’t feel it was fair for me to pay 50%. Especially given that it really wasn’t a vacation at all. Once everything was settled, she insisted on giving me $2,000. We argued back and forth over it for several days, with her holding my hairbrush ransom until I finally agreed to take the money*. She felt that, as our mother, the expense was her burden, not mine. She also pointed out that, being the sister that I was, I would eventually end up spending that money on my siblings anyway. I might as well put it back into my emergency fund for future use. Touché.

I still ended up spending a lot of money during April. Some of it was related to my sister’s situation, some of it was not. A lot of my spending could have been avoided. That being said, I don’t regret it. Hopefully in the next week or so, I’ll be able to delve into more details on that. But the point is, I’m ending April in a much better situation than I originally thought, and my $2,500 emergency fund is intact.

– Cindy W.

* Yes, my family is weird. And yes, it really is that great of a hairbrush that I was willing to accept $2,000 for its return. Although I kept explaining to my Mom that wasn’t really how ransoms were supposed to work. Her ransom, her demands, I guess!

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