Money Well Spent

I’m exhausted today. I was all set to go to bed last night around 11:30 pm, when things took a different turn, and I ended up spending some time in the ER instead.

I had just come in from taking the dog outside, and sat down on the couch next to my boyfriend. I felt a weird tickle in my ear, and thinking it was my hair, I reached up to pull it away. What I felt instead was a bug, which quickly scurried into my ear canal.

My first reaction was more Ew! Get it Out! But as we tried to get it out, it decided to burrow farther down. And that’s when the pain set it. Horrible, horrible pain. We tried flushing him out with water. That just made him go farther in. Did I mention the horrible, horrible pain?

It didn’t take me long to decide we were heading to the Hospital. The nearest hospital to my house combined their prompt care and ER a few years back. The idea being, patients wouldn’t need to decide whether it was ER worthy or not, they could come in and be triaged, and the staff would decide whether they should be a prompt care patient or an ER patient. Honestly, it’s kind of a brilliant idea.

Luckily it was a slow Wednesday night at the hospital, and bug in the ear ranked high enough to get me seen pretty much immediately. That, and I think the idea of a bug in the ear freaks people out enough that the front desk was more than happy to move me along so they wouldn’t have to be faced with the idea any longer.

A little over an hour and $150 copay later, and the bug was successfully removed. Turned out to be some sort of black beetle. My ear is still hurting this morning, and I’m so very, very tired, but all in all I’m fine. Admittedly a little wigged out over having a bug in my ear. I’m sure that’s going to be a new paranoia that may never really go away.

I’m also feeling very thankful this morning that I’m to a point in my life that I have some money set aside for unexpected events like this. Bug in the ear is by no means what I’d consider a true medical emergency. But when something is burrowing into your eardrum, it’s nice to be able to say “I don’t give a damn how much my copay is!” I realize there may be other bills heading my way. I really have no idea how much bug removal costs. But trust me, it was money well spent. And having the money to spend made a stressful situation a little less so.

– Ms. W


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