Merry Christmas!

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There are a lot of things I feel like I should be writing about. But the truth of the matter is, I’m a little overwhelmed with life in general right now.

It’s my Annual Holiday Tradition to get myself all stressed out. And I must say, I’m doing a stellar job of it this year! I have a huge, important project at work every year that is due before the new year (which affects the company’s ability to work on state and federally funded projects in each state, so it isn’t something that can be put off). There’s cooking to do for Christmas, and cleaning to do for New Years. Despite trying to be frugal in general, I have a tendency to go over-board with the Holiday gifts. I feel like I have to find everyone the perfect, most well-thought-out gift. I try to start early in the Season, but always manage to have a few people left on my list at the last-minute. And, as an added bonus this year, I’m dealing with the boyfriend’s emotional roller-coaster over his life and job situation.

I may have had a complete and total melt down last night. Not exactly one of my finest moments.

Despite it all, I do love the Holidays. I love the decorations, and the food, and the time with family and friends. It is a “magical” time of year. And I will have some time off over the next few weeks, which should help tremendously.

I just have to remember to take a minute, step back, and breathe. Everything is going to be just fine.

Merry Christmas!

– Cindy W.



  1. I’m having a remarkably meltdown-free holiday this year. Probably something to do with how few dinner parties we are hosting (NONE, for the first time I can remember ever.) Good luck getting through everything, and merry Christmas!

    1. I survived! In the end, as usual, the things that stressed me out the most didn’t really matter. I got to spend time with family, so that’s always good. I’m glad to hear you’re having a smooth Holiday. Someday!

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