Life Isn’t Fair: Things Go From Bad To Worse

For all the financial strides I’ve been making in 2015, it definitely has not been a good year. I keep hoping that things are going to turn around any moment, and everything will start getting better. After all, what else could possibly go wrong?

Last Thursday my younger sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

It’s shocking enough when a 33-year-old is diagnosed with cancer. Especially something like breast cancer, which typically affects women over 50. But when you throw in the fact that she just lost her fiancée in April, and she’s pregnant with her third child (which was not at all planned), you start to wonder how much more one person can take. Abigail’s “Why You? Why Not?” post definitely resonated with me this week. The reality is that life isn’t fair, and people rarely get what they deserve, good or bad.

The best my sister can take away from all of this is that they found the cancer very early, and her prognosis is very good. She has a very rare painful lump: Most doctors will assure you that cancerous breast lumps are not painful, and not to worry about one that is. Luckily for her, being pregnant and wanting to breastfeed, her doctors decided to look into whether the lump could/should be removed, only to be surprised to discover it was in fact cancer. Things are moving very quickly now. She’ll have a mastectomy next week, but if all goes well, she shouldn’t need radiation or chemotherapy, and should be able to carry the baby to term.

Of course, that isn’t to downplay anything. Cancer is a terrifying thing. She’s losing a breast at a young age. Depending on what further testing reveals, she may eventually lose the other breast. She’ll face years of daily medications to reduce the risk of recurrence, along with a lifetime of follow-up testing and worry. Not to mention the pain of surgery and recovery.

2015 is definitely not going the way I expected. Yes, I expected some struggles as I sold my house, and Bryan figured out his career. But I also expected to celebrate both of my sisters’ weddings, and for everyone to make strides towards a better future. Things are definitely not going as planned. In the midst of everything, we’re learning to appreciate what we do have, celebrate the good, and support each other in healthier ways.

Life isn’t fair. We just see it more clearly in bad times than in good.

– Cindy W.


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