Sooner Than Expected

Despite all the superstition surrounding Friday the 13th, it actually ended up being an awesome day for me. Friday I posted about how my house officially hit the market. Getting all of the work done on the house and getting it listed for sale was a big goal for me going into 2015. Of course, listing the house is only half the battle; We still have to actually get it sold. I’m hoping the entire process goes smoothly, and it sells quickly (and for a great price). But, heaven forbid, no one wants it, at least we know, and can reluctantly move on to plan B: Finding a renter. My preference is for selling it, but either way we’ll be stopping the money bleed.

I’ve also been super excited about finally paying off some debt this year. I wrote last Wednesday about how, if I shifted some money around, I could probably pay off my remaining student loan by the end of March. In the long run, it probably makes very little difference whether I paid off the student loan in March or April. But emotionally, paying it off one month earlier was a definite win. I’ve had that loan FOR-EV-A. Seriously, it was my last remaining loan from my undergraduate days. I graduated in 2000. On top of that, it was a Parent PLUS Loan. Which means, since it was technically my Dad’s loan, there was no grace period on paying back the loan. I started making payments back in 1997. 1997! I’ve been paying that loan for 18 years! That’s half my life!

Obviously the idea of being done with it was super motivating. So Friday morning, I started shifting around some money. And suddenly I realized, I could totally pay it off that day. Without touching my emergency fund, or the money I have set aside for April’s bills. All it would take was a couple of clicks of the mouse.

And so, I did!

As of Friday the 13th, I was officially done with my student loan. I’ve said goodbye to Sallie Mae forever. With my house on the market, I’m one step closer to being mortgage free. The only debt I’ll have left is my auto loan.

Oh yeah, I’m coming for you next, Mr. Capital One Auto!

– Cindy W.


    1. Thanks Zoe! I’m super excited about finally being done with it!

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