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It’s looking like it might be another slow week here on Growing Her Worth. I’m still playing catch-up at work after last week’s badly timed illness. And, as luck would have it, I’m also still ill. Not as bad as last Wednesday and Thursday, mind you. But anything more exciting than Macaroni and Cheese and Pedialyte has me running to the nearest bathroom. Fun times!

I am moving forward with some of my spending plans. I’ve signed on with a contractor to have the roof over my porch replaced. I opted to go with an updated pan cover, instead of building up a new gable roof. The parts have been ordered. And now, we wait. When it’s all said and done, it’s going to end up costing $1,000 more than I originally planned. Ouch! But it seemed like a good idea to go ahead and replace the old scroll posts and rails at the same time. After all, they weren’t in the greatest of condition, and not a matching set to begin with. So, for the extra cost, I’ll be getting brand new vinyl posts and railings.

That actually isn’t a bad deal. I had been pricing out vinyl posts and railings at Menards, Home Depot, and Lowe’s in the last few months. With all the pieces and connectors, it would have only saved me a few hundred dollars doing it myself. Maybe. Plus all the time it would have taken me. And, since I have zero experience in installing posts and railings, it seemed like an incredibly daunting task, especially given the need to affix them to my concrete porch and new siding. It’s worth the money to have it professionally done.

But the extra cost almost got me on a spending role. After all, It’s only $1,500 more to start looking at gable porches. What’s $1,500? I have to admit, it was tempting. But then, I started thinking about what I was saying. $1,500 is a lot of money to someone in my pay range. A pan style cover is original to the house, and is in line with what other homes in my neighborhood have. Sure, a gable roof would look nice. But it wouldn’t increase the value of my house. I’m not designing my dream home here; I’m fixing up the house with the idea that I’ll probably be selling or renting in the next year or so. With that in mind, I’d be better off putting the extra money towards getting the bathroom remodel accomplished more quickly. An extra $1,500 on the porch would set me back about 3 months on the bathroom remodel.

In the past, I wouldn’t have thought twice about spending an extra $1,500. It would have seemed worth the money. But now, I’m more careful in considering what I’m really getting for my money. The extra money for the posts and rails makes sense. Besides looking outdated, the old rails didn’t connect properly with the posts, which makes them less stable. They obviously weren’t designed to go together, and age and wear have made this a bigger issue. It was a good idea to replace them, rather than risk the old set affecting inspection results. Besides, why put a new roof on an old, unstable base? But the design of the roof is strictly an aesthetic decision. It doesn’t affect the safety or functionality of the roof. There’s no benefit to me in spending more to change the style of the roof.

I’m sad to be spending more money, but happy to be making some progress. After all, this is something I’ve been planning for some time now. Time to get things rolling and move on to other things!

Would you have made the same choice? Or would you have spent more money to upgrade to a gable roof?

– Cindy W.

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