It’s Not In The Budget

Not my roses - image taken from
Not my roses – image taken from

Last Thursday, I had a plan. All day I spent thinking over my plan, revising and perfecting it. I had bought two new rose bushes (yellow Knock Out Roses, for $8 each at a Flea Market in another state), and had a plan to plant them. But the space I was going to plant them in needed “something more”. So, the plan was to stop and buy a few more bushes and other plants on the way home, and then spend the rest of the evening planting.

I was super excited about my plan. The area the bushes were to be planted in had been empty for some time, and I was excited about finally having it complete. I thought all day about what types of plants would best compliment the yellow roses. And finally, the work-day ended, and I was on my way.

I got in my car and started off when it suddenly struck me: I only had $10 cash left from my weekly spending money. In the entire day of planning, the money never once occurred to me. Sure, there’s a good chunk of money in the bank. In the past I would have simply “rearranged” the money, and bought the new plants.

But, the past is the past. And, while I love the idea of making my yard look nice, I have bigger goals to work towards. With a sigh of disappointment, I told myself “It’s not in the budget”, and continued on my drive home.

I picked another spot in front of the house and planted my Knock-Out Roses. Sure, eventually I’ll be buying plants to fill the empty space. But when I do, it will be budgeted for. And last week was not the week.

Old habits die hard. And sometimes, we have to continually remind ourselves what we should be doing. But I’m convinced that before too long, not spending will be second nature.

– Ms. W

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