It Could Always Be Worse

Last week I posted about feeling stressed with everything that is going on right now in my life. You know how the saying goes though: It could always get worse. So, of course, it did. Thursday afternoon, the boyfriend was called into the office and let go.

It came as a complete and total shock, and we definitely weren’t prepared. He’s been with this company since day 1, and was working for one of the original parent companies long before the company was started. Over 25 years, gone. He didn’t just lose a paycheck though; The company also provided his cell phone ( and the only cell phone number he’s ever had, along with all of his personal and business contacts), laptop, everyday vehicle, fuel, and the apartment.

I don’t think reality has fully set in yet. And I don’t think we’ll feel the full hit for a few more months. We both have some money set aside, and he has a small severance coming. He already has some options for a new job. But it’s highly unlikely he’ll find a job making what he had been, and he definitely won’t be able to recoup all the benefits. We’re definitely going to have to start making some tough decisions in the coming months.

Changes are coming, and I foresee things getting rougher before they start getting better. But in the end, I think things are going to end up better for us. The boyfriend’s job was causing him a lot of stress, and everyday he looked forward to the day he wouldn’t have to deal with it. I was constantly pushing him to make changes, so we could prepare things for a day when he could quit, and that was causing a lot of stress and misunderstandings in our relationship. Doing it on our terms would have been easier. But sometimes, things have a way of working themselves out.

For now, I’m putting all my financial plans on hold. No more paying ahead on the student loan; We just lost 2/3 of our household income! If we decide to stay in the apartment, we’ll have the added expense of rent and utilities. My plan for now is to fatten up the emergency fund, and cut any expenses I can. We did spend a good deal of time at my house this weekend, working on getting it ready to sell. We started really looking at what needed to be done, and really discussing how we should go about things. So we might actually sell a house. See? Something good!

It won’t be easy, but everything is going to be alright.

– Cindy W.


  1. I’m totally dumbstruck! Incredible. Like you, I’m absolutely sure that in the long run, everything will turn out fine, but until then, it might become tough. I wish you all the best, and nerves of steel!

    1. Thanks Anne! I think things are “sinking in” a bit more for us today. I already had plans to take last Friday off, so we spent most of the day together, and made a long weekend of it. There was so much to do, from picking up his spare vehicle, to getting him a phone, to trying to recreate his contacts and setting up new accounts. Today is the first day I’m back at work, and he’s on his own. He seemed a little lost on what to do this morning.

      I can’t even imagine how he feels right now, having to start over at 55, after so very long at one company!

  2. That’s awful news! I’ve heard of several people in that age range who’ve been let go primarily because they were so expensive. It’s terrible that it came as such a surprise.

    I hope this does at least let you consolidate residences — two houses and an apartment between the two of you was clearly driving you a little nuts. Any possibility he could sell his house, instead, and you could both live in yours (since I guess your job is in town)?

    But I’ll leave suggestions alone and just sympathize, really. I know you’ll be really busy just dealing, but if you have some time to update, I for one will definitely want to hear how things are going.

    1. Thanks Cecilia! I definitely plan on posting more about what’s going on. I’m walking the line of what is and is not appropriate to share about what is going on right now in his life. But the choices we’re making, and the financial consequences of those choices, aren’t going to make sense without some type of explanation. We have some big decisions ahead of us!

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