I’m THAT Person

I never thought I’d have to say it, but it turns out, I’m THAT person. I was always so careful; I did everything to make sure it didn’t happen to me. And then, a week ago Friday, it happened. With a resounding splash, I knew it had happened. I was officially THAT person.

Yep, I dropped my phone in the toilet.

I typically don’t carry my phone on me. Especially at work. It goes in my purse in the morning, and stays there through the day. But that morning, I stuck it in my back pocket, expecting to put it in my purse on the way out the door. And then, I forgot. Well, I forgot until I heard the splash.

Despite the prospect of damaging it further, I did wash it after pulling it out. I mean, ewww! Gross! Then I tried the rice trick. After spending the day in a bag of rice, it seemed to work. We put it back into the bag of rice overnight, just in case. The next day, everything was still working. Except it wouldn’t charge. It sat on the charger all day Saturday, yet never gained any power. And eventually, while sitting on the charger, it died. Try as I might, I could never get it to turn back on.

I’ve been talking about getting a new phone for months. My contract with T-Mobile ended months ago, and I’ve been researching a variety of options. I decided that Republic Wireless seemed like the best option for me. But still, I waited. At first, I just wanted more research to make sure it was the best option. And then, I was waiting until they released the new Moto X phone. And then, well, I was just waiting. I mean, a $300 phone purchase is not to be taken lightly! Sure, I had the cash to buy the phone. And the low prices more than made up for the upfront cost. But still, I waited.

The Friday I dropped my phone in the toilet I decided it was time. Sure, I was hoping my phone would be fine. But even if it was, it was hard to keep denying that I was wasting money on my current phone plan. Plus, all the soap in the world couldn’t make me forget that that phone had been in the toilet. Had the old phone survived, the transition to the new phone would have been much easier. But, it didn’t.

I ordered the Moto X through Republic Wireless on a Friday. I couldn’t find an option for rush delivery, so I had to take my chances with the standard 1-2 week delivery listed on the website. As luck would have it, I had my new phone by Wednesday. I was pretty impressed with that. Sure, I was without a phone for several days . And right before the Holidays. But my floating phone was my fault, not their’s. Getting the new phone to me sooner than they advertised was awesome.

So, my phone came. Like any new phone, it’s taking some getting used to. The transition hasn’t been completely seamless; There’s an App to transfer your contact and data from your old phone to your new phone. But you have to load the App on the old phone to do the transfer. Not much help when your old phone won’t turn on. And the Moto X takes a micro SIM card, so I couldn’t even transfer my old SIM card to the new phone. I did manage to transfer some information through Google. Some of my Apps were transferred, and some of my contacts. Of course, the contacts that transferred were mainly ones that I should have deleted a long time ago; Previous co-workers, old dates. None of my family, and few of my friends, made the transfer. WTF Google?

I spent several days freaking out about the idea that I lost all of the pictures on my phone. My Mom reminded me multiple times that I should have been backing those up. I know, I know! As luck would have it, when the BF and I were cleaning out my laundry room this weekend (which had turned into a storage area for all the things I don’t know what to do with), I found one of my older phones. After charging it up, and transferring my SIM and Micro SD card, I was able to pull up my pictures, most of my contacts, and even some of the texts I’ve missed the last few days.

With an older phone working (and running off my current T-Mobile contract), I’ll be able to load the App to transfer the rest of my information. From there, I’ll use the Republic Wireless website to port over my old phone number. The phone comes with a new number, which I’ve been using as a temporary number, but you have the option of transferring a number (some numbers are not eligible for transfer). I’ll still lose some information; All of the messages I was hoping to save from my BF are gone. For some reason his number didn’t even transfer with my contacts.

So far, I’m happy with Republic Wireless. Sure, the phone was costly ($299, before tax). It is subsidized through the Motorola, so it isn’t exactly full price. And, in exchange for paying more for the phone, I get a no-contract plan. Republic now offers a variety of plans; I chose the $10/month plan ($11.71 total after taxes and fees in my area). For that price, I get unlimited 3G and WiFi calls and texts, and unlimited WiFi data. I can change plans at any time, so if I decide I need 3G or 4G data, I can make the switch (although there are limits to how often you can change during the month). If I change plans, the rest of the month is pro-rated.

For now, I’m fine with WiFi only data. I have a mobile 4G hotspot on contract with T-Mobile with 5GB of data per month that I can use as WiFi for my phone. Assuming I remember to start carrying the thing with me. That’s more than enough for all of my data needs. The contract doesn’t expire until early 2014, so until then, I might as well get full use of it. Once that plan expires, I’ll look into my options for data. Between the blog, my phone, and everything else I do online, I do need to have some type of internet service. At $40 a month, my current plan is pretty affordable. But 5GB is more than I need, so I’m looking into my options. I know T-Mobile offers plans with less data, and I think other companies do as well.

I’ve finally been forced to make the jump to something new. So far, I think I’ll like it. And I have a lot of flexibility. I can switch plans if this one doesn’t work. And, with no contract, I can leave at any time. It seems like a pretty good deal. Only time will tell.

– Cindy W.

I was not paid to write this post. These are my own words, written about my own experience. Your experience with any of these companies may be different. 



  1. That is unfortunate. But at least you now have a new phone and a cheaper contract. Good luck saving those new found dollars.

    1. I think in a way it’s a good thing. It gave me that push I needed to take action!

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