Having Goals

The last couple of days I’ve been really thinking about my goals. Not my big life goals, like early retirement, or having a family. Not even annual or medium-term goals, like increasing my income, or paying off my student loan. No, I’ve been thinking about short-term goals, things that I want to accomplish each month, or even each week.

Simply put, I’m not very good with short-term goals. Sure, I might start off the weekend with a list of things I want to accomplish. But typically I end up making a really extensive list, and end up feeling like a failure when the weekend ends and the list is only half way done. And that failure prevents me from making another list for a while.

I’ve noticed that several bloggers post monthly goals, and I’m thinking that doing something along those lines might be a good idea for me. Just a handful of things that I would like to accomplish each month. It might help me to narrow my focus a bit, and help keep me on track to get things done. Also, putting my goals out into the blogosphere will help me be more accountable with what I’m doing. Plus, it will give me one more thing to write about, which will help alleviate my ongoing fear of running out of things to say!

I’ve decided to make August a sort of test month, to try out setting a few goals, and see how I come with accomplishing them.

Goals for August

1) Grow my worth by $1,000. I think this one should be fairly easy. If I follow the plan, I’m set to save at least that amount. I just need to avoid any big spending temptations, and hope that no emergencies occur during the month. This goal is more about motivating me to stay the course.

2) Write at least 15 posts for Growing Her Worth. I need to spend more time on this blog, and I need to find some consistency in my writing. Putting aside some time every weekend to write, and then using my lunch breaks each day, should be enough to keep this rolling. This is important to me, so I should be putting more effort into it.

3) Tell the BF that I’m blogging. I haven’t told anyone I know about this blog. I like the idea that I’m completely anonymous. But, I’m in a serious relationship, and if the blog really is important to me, then I should be sharing that with my significant other. Plus, we’re working on communicating better and planning as a couple.

4) Make at least 1 major change to improve Growing Her Worth. It seems like I have a million ideas about what I should be doing to improve this blog. But then I barely put aside enough time to write posts, let alone do anything on the back end. I haven’t decided what my priority will be yet, but I need to start doing something.

5) Lose 3-5 pounds. This one is really more about accountability. I’ve been working to lose weight, and making some progress, but I’d still like to lose another 20-30 pounds. I’m a little loose with the goal, since I’m going more for making lifestyle changes, and finding a place where I feel good. My goal has been to lose 1-2 pounds per week, which is pretty reasonable. I try not to weigh myself more than once a month, so I don’t get discouraged with the really slow progress. I do really well, but then once every couple of months or so, I get a little bit lost, and fall prey to the fast food cravings. Fast food every once in a while is fine, but I can’t have entire weeks where it’s a daily thing.

So, 5 goals for the month of August, some easier or less time consuming than others. Hopefully at the end of the month I’ll be able to check back in and say I accomplished all of them. And if not? I’ll know that I need to try harder next month.

Do you set monthly or other short-term goals? What are some things that you’re working on this month?

– Cindy W.

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