Goals for 2016

I’m a little late on coming up with goals for 2016. Most years I’m plotting out my goals for the next year months before the current year has ended. I could blame it all on everything that was going on in 2015; And that is part of the reason behind being so late. But honestly, I just don’t know what to expect of 2016!

A lot happened in 2015. There were a lot of tragedies, but I can’t say it was all bad. I made a lot of financial progress last year. But the year also taught me that everything can change, and where you end up isn’t always where you envisioned.

Bryan and I have big plans for the future. But the details are still a little fuzzy right now. And most of our plans are long-term. I have a better idea of where we’ll be 10 years from now than I do where we’ll be in 2016. Weird, huh? We’re both still in the process of fixing our past financial mistakes. It’s hard to move forward until you’ve dealt with the past.

So, where does that leave me on goals? Well, there are a few things I’m certain I’d like to accomplish:

  1. Clean my stuff out of the garage*. I know that probably doesn’t seem like a relevant goal here. But when I was in the process of selling my house, we boxed up a lot of my stuff and just shoved it into the garage. We’ve been doing a lot of work around the apartment, and I feel like we’re constantly looking for things, which half the time we can’t find. Like my set of wood chisels. Or the fancy wire stripper/crimper that my Dad bought me, that I’ve never even used! We’ve wasted a ridiculous amount of time looking for things, and money replacing things I’m sure we already have.
  2. Have a yard sale. Once we’ve cleaned out my stuff, and gone through a few other areas of our place, we should have a ton of stuff to sell in a yard sale. We won’t get rich, but making a couple hundred bucks certainly never hurts!
  3. Pay off the car loan. This is my big goal for 2016. The car loan is the last of my debts. If nothing goes wrong, I should be able to pay it off in the next 6 months. Not only will being debt free be a huge financial relief, but it will free up a lot of money for other things.
  4. Grow my net worth by $10,000. I’m reluctant to put this one on here, since I don’t know for sure what my plan is for the second half of 2016. Once the car loan is gone, I’ll have a lot of flexibility. I might stay at my current job, and stockpile money for a while. I might switch to another job. I might decide to try my hand at freelancing. Maybe Bryan and I will start a small business? Not knowing what the future holds, it’s hard to say what will happen to my overall  financial picture. That said, I owe just over $8,000 on the car loan. Paying that off will get me a good ways towards this goal. And a good portion of my net worth is tied up in my 401k plan. I don’t plan on touching that money anytime soon; If I do decide to leave my current job, I’ll roll it over into an IRA. So, unless the market crashes, that part of my net worth shouldn’t be affected by whatever choices I may make this year.

Much like last year, I think my goals for 2016 will change as the year progresses, and I have a better idea of what I want for the year. But these goals should get me through the first six months or so of the year. I’m really looking forward to paying off the car loan! Once that’s done, I’ll have so many more options.

I have no idea what 2016 holds. But, I feel like things are going to keep moving forward. This past year definitely taught me that things can always get worse. But I also feel like, if I stick to my principles, and keep pushing forward, I can make it through just about anything.

I’m excited to see where 2016 leads!

  • Cindy W.

* I’d love to just say “Clean and organize the garage” for this goal, but we share the garage with the other 2 residents of the triplex. And one of those people happens to be a hoarder, who has stacks and stacks of stuff in the garage. The situation is actually a little ridiculous: There are no clear-cut indications of whose area is who’s, so the whole garage is just a jumble of boxes and junk. Bryan and the other resident are pretty sure that some of the boxes belonged to a former resident, but they can’t be sure they don’t belong to the hoarder. It’s a mess! But getting rid of my boxes should at least help!


  1. Hey Cindy 🙂 I found your site through The Single Dollar. Nice to e-meet you!

    I totally hear you about the garage-cleaning thing. I always feel like it’s such a psychological burden to have parts of your house/possessions disorganized and sitting in boxes. I have a similar situation going on with my office space right now, though I did manage to do a little work on it this weekend, inspired by the New Year.

    1. Nice to e-meet you too! I just hopped over to your blog. Love “The Myth of the Yacht”! I was a Graphic Design major under the advice that “It doesn’t matter what your degree is in, so long as you have one”, so that post really resonates with me.

      I actually took the week between Christmas and New Year’s off, and we spent a lot of time working on building shelves that will help in the organization process. I’m really excited to get rolling on that goal. I miss being able to find my tools!

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