Food Failure

I’m waging the battle of the drive-thru again this week (and last), and failing miserably. A lack of planning and creativity has left me heading out for fast food every time I get hungry. It’s completely ruining my diet, not to mention putting a major kink in my budget. Not that I’m overspending, per se. But I could think of so many better things to be putting my money towards!

Breakfast has been especially bad. I can go for weeks without eating breakfast, so I don’t plan for it. Then suddenly one day I’m starving in the morning. I’m trying to avoid processed foods and carbs, which nixes keeping most convenient breakfast foods on hand. Yogurt makes my belly hurt. If I eat fruit, I end up hungry the rest of the day. I’m not a huge fan of most traditional breakfast foods. But then hunger strikes, and without any better options, I end up heading out for a bacon, egg and cheese bagel. Bread, cheese, and a wonderful sauce to disguise the fact that I’m eating egg (I have texture issues). Mmm… Diet and budget out the window, all in about 5 minutes! And once I’ve started the day off wrong, it’s usually downhill from there. 6 chocolate chip cookies while I work? Don’t mind if I do!

I’m lucky that I have dinner with the BF about 5 nights a week. He tries to keep things healthy for my sake. And he usually cooks more than the two of us could possibly eat, so I typically have something for lunch 3-4 days. It helps balance things out a little. But still, I need to come up with some ideas, especially for breakfast.

Do you eat breakfast? What’s your go-to choice? Any suggestions on how I can win the drive-thru battle?

– Cindy


  1. After a long day working, it’s sometimes very tempting for me to get my kids Happy Meals on the way home from picking them up. I try not to, but I still probably do it once a week.

  2. I think that’s part of the issue: It’s just so convenient! I’m on the run so much, especially in the morning. It’s much easier to take 5 minutes to hit the drive-thru than it is to take the time to make something healthy.

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