Finding My Motivation

A few weeks ago I wrote about finding contentment. Overall, I feel like I’m happier day to day with what I have. Which means I want less stuff. Which means I spend less money. It’s nice to have balance in one segment of my life. The problem? I think I’m letting my contentment lead to complacency.

Lisa Aberle wrote yesterday at GRS about losing her personal finance motivation. Even though she is much farther along in her journey than I am, I can kinda relate. I’ve put my finances on auto-pilot; my pay is direct deposited into my main account, which then automatically makes deposits into my other accounts; My bills are on auto-pay from my account. There isn’t much I need to do on a regular basis, besides monitoring. I’m salaried, so my pay doesn’t vary from one week to the next. There’s not a lot of excitement.

Okay, so no one ever said personal finance would be exciting. But people always talk about how motivating it is to see their debts going down, and their net worth going up. And I think that’s part of my problem: Right now I’m still putting money into a couple of big projects around the house that have to be done. There just isn’t a lot of debt repaying/net worth growing going on to get excited about!

My goal is financial independence, so I can retire early. But right now, even early retirement seems FOREVER away. I know, slow and steady wins the race. But I think it’s time to start getting motivated, and kicking slow and steady up a few notches.

My plan is to find a way to increase my income. In addition to extra money, a side hustle has the added bonus of being variable. Which means I’m more likely to be motivated if I can see how the extra effort changes the results (i.e., the amount of money). My first idea is to have a yard sale. True, it’s only a one time thing, and probably won’t bring in a lot of money. But hopefully it will get the ball rolling, with the added bonus of clearing out my house!

From there? Well, I’m not sure. I need to find something that works well for me, and fits into my schedule. Hopefully I’ll be able to spark my motivation and get things moving in the right direction!

– Cindy W.

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