Finding My (Blogging) Direction

I’ve been terrible at keeping up with posts on this blog. This isn’t something new: I’ve struggled with this since starting the blog. It isn’t for lack of time, although some weeks are definitely better than others. And it isn’t for lack of ideas; I can think of a million and one ideas of what to write about, and have started and deleted more posts than I can name.

So what exactly is my problem? Appropriateness.

There are so many things that are affecting my finances right now: Bryan’s financial situation. Things that are happening in my sisters’ lives. Medical issues. The reality is, money isn’t just about numbers. If it was, we’d all be rich! Our financial situations are shaped by emotions, and history, and relationships. And some of those things aren’t very pretty. What is appropriate to share, and what isn’t? At what point am I crossing a line, and over sharing? There comes a point where personal finance becomes a little too, well, personal.

I’ve always been an overly detailed story-teller. Whether I’m writing or talking, I feel like the details are important. Sure, I could strip my stories down to the bare necessities. But how fun is that? I want to be able to share what I’m thinking, and the reasoning behind the decisions I make. But I also don’t want to risk hurting the people I love.

When I first started this blog, I had ambitious plans of growing this blog into something grand. At one time I even had the opportunity to share a story on a really big platform. It would have brought a lot of attention to my little blog. I did nothing. Why? Fear. The story would have been about my job, and how it had been affected by Bryan and my relationship. The idea of tens of thousands of people reading about the personal details of my life seemed like too much. And then they’d come here, and read about other really personal things I’ve written about myself, and other people. Which really made me question what I’m writing, and why I’m putting it out here, if I wasn’t okay with thousands of people reading it? Am I really writing about things I shouldn’t? Or have I just not gotten over the feeling that money is taboo?

As I’ve been struggling along deciding what I should and should not write (and often feeling guilty after hitting the “Publish” button), I’ve also been paying attention to what brings people to this site. There are a core group of people, mainly other bloggers, who visit this site on the regular. These are the people I feel are helping to hold me accountable. The random, search engine visitors? They seem to be brought here searching for one thing: Spaghetti Squash.


Okay, I did mention spaghetti squash in two of my very early posts (here and here). And I do love growing spaghetti squash. We have three plants that are going crazy this year, despite the inconsistent weather we’ve had. But that’s the reason most people are finding my personal finance blog? Because I talked about gardening? Obviously, I’m writing about the wrong things!

Okay, I’m not going to dedicate this blog to all things spaghetti squash. That would be ridiculous! But it’s really gotten me thinking about what I write about, and what I would be more comfortable writing about. Maybe I’m not at a place where discussing the ins and outs of my financial situation is such a good idea? I’m definitely not at a place to be shelling out financial advice. I can’t figure out how to write about my own finances without feeling like I’m violating someone else’s privacy.

I’d like to continue writing, and I think I’ve decided what I’d like to write about: A blog about finding happiness in the simple life. More of a hometown, lifestyle blog. Do I scrub this blog clean, and take things in a different direction? Well, I don’t think my idea really fits for a blog called “Growing Her Worth”. And part of me would like to continue posting net worth updates, to hold myself accountable. But discussing net worth seems a little too personal for a lifestyle blog. Do I start a new blog, while trying to maintain this one? What do I write about here?

I’m at a crossroads of deciding where to go with this blogging thing. I’m definitely open to suggestions! What do you think about what I’ve been doing so far on this blog? Are there things that I’m doing well? Other things that I need to abandon? Have I crossed boundaries in the things that I’ve talked about here? What keeps people coming back? What does the future of Growing Her Worth look like?

– Cindy


  1. I’d love to see you post on more topics. Not that I don’t love watching your personal finance progress because I do, and it gives me hope that one day I’ll dig out of the mess I made for myself. You’re growing your worth as a person by doing the many things you do in life. That goes beyond the financial. So of course, please post whatever you want, I’d love to hear more. And I too have trouble staying on top of my postings :o)

    1. Thanks Zoe! I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try something different with this blog, and see how it goes, rather than starting something new from scratch. It would be the more frugal option as well; Not that blogs are expensive, but domains and hosting aren’t exactly free!

  2. One of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog was the fact that you shared your finances with us. This area is one of my weaknesses. I hope you continue to enlighten me with your wonderful stories. You’ve been a blessing to me. You are doing an excellence job. Continue the great job that you are doing.

    1. That’s really sweet! Maybe I can figure out a way to combine what I’m doing already, with other things? I have to admit, the accountability part of this site is definitely working for me. I don’t think I’d be nearly as far as I am if I didn’t post how I’m doing!

  3. I don’t really see a problem with your posting whatever you want — including a series on spaghetti squash 🙂 I love lifestyle posts, and I haven’t felt that people are thrown off by, for example, my writing a weekly food post in the middle of a PF blog. IMO, you should take it in the direction you want, but I think it would also be great if you’d keep doing net worth updates and the occasional finance post. It’s all part of your life, right?

    1. I agree that it wouldn’t be completely out of the norm for a PF blogger to write about lifestyle things. I just worrying about totally switching up what I’m doing here, and alienating the people who are already visiting. I guess it’s like most things in life, I have to be willing to take a risk and try something new! I’ll definitely keep up some of the finance stuff though. It’s way too important in my life right now to quit!

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