Continuing the job search

Last Thursday, I wrote about how much I hate searching for a new job. The reliance of most employers on online applications has succeeded in making the process even more complicated. I mentioned that an employer had found my resume on a job board, and contacted me regarding a position they had available. An interview was setup during our initial contact. But then, the hoop jumping began. I was asked to submit an application on their website. And, even though their application process involved inputting my resume, a day or so later I was contacted and asked to email my resume. I was told their online system made resumes difficult to actually read.

Unexpectedly on Friday, I received a phone call. Prospective employer was calling with a few preliminary questions before our scheduled interview the following week. He asked a few questions about my previous positions. The total conversation lasted maybe 5 minutes. He then concluded the conversation by informing me that I didn’t have the experience they were looking for, and they would be pursuing other applicants.

I’m not gonna lie, it stung. I was expecting an interview, and suddenly I was being turned down. It took a few minutes to recover, but when I really thought about it, he was right. They were looking for someone with extensive tax experience. I don’t have that. I’m a quick learner, but that isn’t what they’re looking for.

Sure, my feelings were hurt. I’m a people-pleaser. I want everyone to like me. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to be a good fit for every position. Abrupt as it was, I’d rather know as soon as possible that I’m not a good fit. Some companies string you along for months before turning you down. Actually, many companies never bother contacting you once they’ve made their decision. They just leave you hanging, wondering if they’re still searching, or if they’ve filled the position.

So, I didn’t get the job. The search continues. Not that it paused while I was communicating with this company. But having a lead does tend to dim the drive a bit.

Honestly, I feel like I’m stretching myself a little thin right now. I’d like to list my house in the next three months, but there’s still a ton that needs done before then. Spring is here (supposedly), and after this rough winter, I’d like to spend some more time outside. I’m not letting the job search go, but I think for right now, selling the house needs to be my main priority. I’ll continue looking and applying, but not as aggressively as I should be.

I’m also being more selective than I have been in the past. I had someone contact me about a Payroll position that I immediately decided to pass on; It was an entry-level position, no degree required, and would have meant a large pay decrease (and probably lots of boredom). I just didn’t see the point in wasting their time and mine. I’m also a little more leery of jobs that would require a move. I’m in a serious relationship, and the idea of making things long distance doesn’t really excite me. I’m also more realistic about my abilities; Sure, I want to a job that is going to be a challenge, but I also don’t want to end up in a position that’s way over my head.

I don’t want to be too picky, but I also want to make sure I find a good fit. Yes, I want to move on. And yes, things are uncomfortable at my current job. But the reality is, I can stay here as long as I want/need to. I don’t want to become too complacent and stay too long, but there’s also no point in making a rash, emotional decision just to get out. I think there needs to be a balance there.

So, hopefully things start moving along. We’ll see where the future leads!

– Cindy W.

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