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  1. Hi, I’m Tony from I blog about trading, investing, and the stock market. Can I guest post on Growing Her Worth about investing and the current state of the U.S. stock market? I promise it won’t be too technical or trading-oriented: it’ll be focused on investors.

  2. Hi there, your blog is awesome. Growing Her Worth is one of a kind personal finance for women. May I ask to include in your blog roll if you have.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you! At this time, I actually don’t have a blog roll. But I will check out your site, see what it’s all about.

  3. I came across your post when I googled “semen allergy”. I have been suffering in silence with these exact symptoms for years. My engagement with my ex bf ended over my symptoms and me eventually avoiding intimacy of any kind. I once mentioned it to my gyno and she laughed at me saying “semen allergies don’t exist”
    Does the reishi mushroom extract really work? I’m so desperate to find something to help. I experienced so much pain following direct contact with semen. I would feel so sick and uncomfortable I had to miss work sometimes.
    Do you recommend a particular brand?

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that your doctor laughed at you! That’s terrible.
      It isn’t a common thing, so I think many doctors are clueless. And, from the doctors and other women I’ve spoken with, it isn’t always an “across the board” issue; You may have reactions with one partner, but not another.

      I’m still using reishi mushroom extract, although not as consistently as I should be, and it still works for me. I’ve only ever used the Vitamin Shoppe brand, but there are many other brands out there that are probably just as effective. The one thing I can say is that if things have already progressed to the point of infection, the reishi mushroom extract will calm the symptoms, but only temporarily. Which means if I’m not diligent enough about taking the pills, I still end up in the gyno’s office to get something to cure the infection.

      M and I have been together almost 6 years now, and my issues are now more a minor inconvenience. We’re still careful about what products we shower with. I maybe have issues 3 times a year now, and they’re pretty mild compared to what they were previously. And I think that’s mainly because I’m inconsistent about taking the pills. I’ve considered adding the probiotic Florastor in to my regime, as I’ve heard wonderful things about it for keeping a women’s system in balance. But it’s incredibly expensive! So, we’ll see!

      I hope that you find something that works for you!

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